The island of Maui is located in the Central Pacific and is the second-largest of the Hawaiian Islands. The island has 30 miles of beaches including the golden-crescent in Kapalua. Its natural beauty, endless possibility of adventure, and its great food make it no surprise that many travellers make the effort the return to Maui year after year.

The Beauty

Incredible natural formations and historic structures will take travellers through a portal back to the past. As you hike the mountainous landscape taking on the tropical climate, thick jungle vegetation, and lava rock, the views make it worth while; they are unspoiled and remain completely untouched by industrialisation. The shimmering golden sands of Keawakapu Beach and the sublime beauty of Wailua Falls are just a couple of the sights tourists come to witness every year; Maui is an island of pure natural beauty.


The Adventure

Muai offers endless recreational activities. Travellers find themselves ziplining their way through the green canopies, hiking the winding lava flow trails, windboarding along the pristine waters, or diving alongside the diverse marine life. Watch the sunrise from the summit of Haleakalā, or have your go at kayaking in Makena Bay beside the humpback whales. There is something for everyone on this magnificent island.

Food & Drink

Wherever you find yourself in Maui, you are never too far from a great meal. Maui has a fantastic dining scene and the island works to provide locally sourced food which is rich with flavour and sure to impress. From trendy food stalls lining the streets, to fine dining experiences, Maui will never fail to provide you with exactly what you’re looking for. Not to mention the great hospitality where every ‘Aloha’ sent your way is genuine and makes you feel at home.

Take a look at this inspiring travel video from Tom Ross who recently explored the beautiful Island of Maui. During their stay, they visited Haleakalā National Park, home to the dormant Haleakalā Volcano and endangered Hawaiian geese.

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