After becoming newly married and celebrating the big day of the marriage ceremony, most of the couples think about their honeymoons. It is the dream of almost all couples to get a chance to travel to an exotic destination in order to enjoy their honeymoon. After spending a huge amount on the wedding ceremony, there are some couples who are not able to bear expenses of expensive honeymoon places. Anyhow, there are plenty of honeymoon places are available in all around the world which are offering budget-friendly trips for couples. Therefore, you should not miss your happy moments just because of lack of money. Here, we will discuss five cost-effective and beautiful places to plan for honeymoon.

Florida Keys

If your dream is to spend your honeymoon in the Caribbean but you don’t have enough money, some places at the Florida Keys like Key Largo and Islamorada are the best choice for you. If you are going to visit these places by road, you will be able to enjoy 106 miles of enchanting islands. The presence of the palm trees and spectacular ocean vistas increase the beauty of this place. After visiting that place, the newly married couples will be able to enjoy snorkel in the warm water, they will enjoy a swim with the dolphins and they will also enjoy watching gorgeous sunsets.  The hotel prices at that place are affordable. It means that you can easily book a room in a hotel just within $230-250.


It is also a cost-effective Western European destination to spend your honeymoon. Portugal is providing the less expensive offers for visitors than Spain and Greek. Moreover, there are lots of things in Portugal that are attracting visitors like Portugal is filled with the ancient castles, Portugal has old-world charms and there are also endless olive groves in Portugal. The expenses of spending one whole week in Portugal’s cost-effective hotel are equal to the expenses of one night’s stay in the luxury hotel of the other European countries. You can easily book a room in a hotel just within $70-200.


Jamaica is also known as one of the most essential and budget-friendly destinations for newly married couples. Anyhow, if you have enough budget, you can also live in the top quality resorts in Jamaica. In these resorts, you will have to pay $400 per night. After visiting this place, you will also be able to enjoy lots of free offers. You can also get the best and cost-effective airlines tickets. While visiting Jamaica, the newly married couples will be able to enjoy the hike of the romantic waterfalls, they will enjoy swimming and they will also enjoy snorkelling. In Jamaica, you can also book budget-friendly hotels. It means that in Jamaica, you can book a room in a hotel just within $90.

Tulum, Mexico

Mexico is also a famous place among the newly married couples for the purpose of spending their honeymoons. Its reason is that Mexico is providing cost-effective packages for the newly married couples for enjoying their honeymoons. Mexico is famous among the visitors due to its beautiful beaches, great snorkelling and some other activities. Anyhow, if you are interested to live in the top quality resorts, you will have to pay up to $500 per night. Anyhow, you will also find out budget-friendly hotels to and these budget-friendly hotels are available from $240-300.

Rocky Mountains, Colorado

If you are interested to spend your honeymoon in the US and you are looking for the cost-effective place, Rocky Mountains, Colorado is the best place for you. Its reason is that the charming scenery of mountains is eye-catching for the visitors. There are lots of romantic B&Bs and resorts in that place. There are lots of rooms in the resorts that are giving a special look of riverside to the visitors. During the day, you will be able to enjoy the lush meadows at the edge of the stream. There are also some rocky peaks that are becoming an attraction for the tourists. There are lots of costs effective resorts are available at that place. First of all, there come StoneBook resort and you can book it just within $120. Secondly, there comes Nicky’s resort and you can book it just within $80. These are the best and cost-effective places to enjoy your honeymoon. Therefore, you should select one of them according to your budget.

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