Azerbaijan, often known as the land of burning fire, is located at the crossroads of Europe and Western Asia. Azerbaijan is a place enriched with natural beauty, ranging from the lush landscapes of the Caucasus mountains to the vast deserts and the Caspian Sea coastline, it has a myriad of tourist destinations attracting tourists from all over the world. 

Azerbaijan is a diverse and culturally rich country known for its historical significance, rich musical heritage, diversity of cultures, natural beauty, and a unique blend of traditions. 

Not only that, the people of Azerbaijan are very hospitable, which makes it an even better place to explore and take a trip to. If Azerbaijan is on your list of travel destinations, make sure to have an Azerbaijan Visa and do thorough research about the place so you can decide where to spend your precious time during your visit.

Requirements for an Azerbaijan Trip

Don’t worry; we’re not going to burden you with unnecessary details and information here, just the important bits!

First and foremost, you must have an Azerbaijan Visa to travel to the country. It is a straightforward process often only considered last minute by many travelers. The best part of the Visa application is that you have two options – A Standard e-visa and An Urgent e-visa. So even if it is a last minute consideration, there’s still hope!

Standard e-visa – Issued in 3-5 business days. This is for those who have been planning the trip for a while, are organised, and know they need to apply for a visa nice and early!

Whereas an Urgent e-visa is for those who have this sudden urge to explore beautiful places such as Azerbaijan (or for those who forgot)! Urgent e-visas follow the same procedures but can be issued in just 3-5 hours.

One-week Travel Itinerary to Azerbaijan

To explore a country like Azerbaijan, limited time is the biggest issue. But we’ve put in the effort to cover some of the best places to visit making sure you have the most incredible trip.

Accommodation in Baku

There are various hotels and stays in Baku that you can get a perfect night’s rest in. One place you can go to is the Intourist Hotel In Baku – it’s located right opposite the Baku Eye, has great views and has spacious rooms, making it a brilliant choice.

The next stay worth looking at is the Fairmont in Baku, which is located in one of the Flame Towers. Another alternative is the Four Seasons Baku. All great choices and these are just a few of the incredible luxury hotels that are available, so if you’re still not sure, check online for some great options!

For a family stay, you could opt for the Nur Hotel In Baku. One brilliant thing about the city is that if you’re looking for an amazing start to your day with the most amazing breakfast, there are some great spots throughout the city.

Exploring Baku – Day 1

Being the capital city of Azerbaijan, Baku is a famous tourist destination with multiple tourist attractions.

You could start by taking a walk along the waterfront promenade to grab a glimpse of the iconic Flame Towers, The Caspian Sea, Baku Crystal Hall, and other prominent landmarks. 

The other option you have is Icheri Sheher. Within Icheri Sheher, you’ll find various attractions such as the Juma Mosque, Maiden Tower, Miniature Book museums and much more!

Day 2

On your second day, you could go to Upland Park in Baku, which is the highest point in town. You’ll also find martyrs’ Lane here, a cemetery, and a memorial to those killed in World War II and also the Nagorno-Karabakh War. 

Not much further, you’ll find the Flame Towers. There is a hotel with a restaurant at the top of it, offering stunning views of the sun setting if you time it right.

You could later head to the Heydar Aliyev Centre. It’s a hub for various events, performances, exhibitions, etc., showcasing the country’s artistic and cultural heritage.

Day 3

Discover why Azerbaijan is known as the Land of Fire. You could travel via metro or bus and visit the Yanar Dag, the burning mountain. It’s known for the fire that has been burning for centuries despite the snow, rain, or any other weather conditions.

Next, you could head on to Ateshgah, the temple home to many Hindus and Sikhs. The walls of this temple have intricate paintings, and the rooms have detailed panels with information about the history of the temple. You’ll find a flame in the centre of the complex, which, people believe, represents God. 

The next attraction you could include on your list may be the Mud volcanoes. There are almost 300 mud volcanoes here, Azerbaijan has half of all the mud volcanoes on Earth. They are not too high, and one can actually put their hand in the mud if they want a unique experience.

Day 4

You must have heard about Xinaliq, well if you haven’t, that’s one more great reason why you should visit.

Xinaliq has an extremely adventurous road leading up to it, and you’ll pass by various picnic spots providing the perfect opportunity to sit and enjoy the day. There will be constant opportunities to take photographs throughout the trip due to the sheer beauty, so make sure to set ample time aside.

You might see the livestock grazing, people knitting, and children playing in the village. You can even go for a short hike in the mountains to truly experience the beautiful landscape if the weather conditions are right.

Day 5 & 6

Sheki will take you back to the good old days of abundance, glory, royalty, and luxury. Built in the year 1797, Sheki is the country’s newest UNESCO World Heritage Site.

It is a place filled with Green hills, cobblestone streets and picturesque architecture with Persian, Roman, Parthian, Arab, Mongolian, and Russian influences. 

There are a number of churches dating back to the 5th Century. Additionally, there are fortresses, throughout which you’ll find bottomless wells that serve as traps for enemies, or so people say!

Moreover, if you’re fond of horse riding or hiking, Sheki is the perfect option for you.

Day 7

On your last day in Baku, we’re sure you’ll be eager to explore all of the other left-out parts of the city that you had on your list, but unfortunately that may not be possible. So it’s the perfect time to simply capture and take in as much as you possibly can.

To finish off with the best view, you can head up to the restaurant in the FlameTowers on the 19th floor, have lunch, and capture the mesmerising sunset. 

If you have a feeling you’ve missed out on important sites, take a look at the city from the 19th floor. Somehow, you’re capturing every part of the city without even visiting, this way, it’ll hurt a little less. 


In an era of constant information and internet hyperactivity, there are very few things that go unnoticed. There will be places in Azerbaijan that you will have already witnessed in photos, but pictures don’t capture the true beauty that can only be seen through your own eyes. 

I hope this guide helps you in making the most of your trip and visiting some of the most incredible places in Azerbaijan. 

Happy Travelling!

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