When winter is gone, tourists start swarming in Portugal. People who travel to Portugal for the first time are bewitched by the beauty of this Mediterranean country and they cannot get enough of it. The lovely weather, the delicious food and the hearty hospitality add to the stunning landscapes. What is the best way to immerse yourself in the Portuguese way of life and indulge in its unique culture? Below you will find 4 fun ideas to enjoy your time in Portugal and feel close to this beautiful place and its people.

Fun Idea 1: Go on a road trip

Going on a road trip is definitely one of the best ways to explore a country as you can cover, and consequently see, a big part of it and not just one city. Portugal is an ideal country to do that as it is not that large and it offers a wide variety of landscapes depending on your preferences; its long coastline and its picturesque towns satisfy both nature lovers and sightseeing enthusiasts.

In order to be able to complete such a cool trip, you will need a reliable and strong car. It would be better to hire one so that you do not run down your own car. If you visit Enjoy Travel, you will be able to view and evaluate all the cars that are available for hire in Portugal and book the one that satisfies your needs online. You can then start your road trip and explore all the places that intrigue you in Portugal.

Fun Idea 2: Hire a boat

If you are a sea lover, you should definitely try out this idea. You can hire a luxury yacht or a modern boat for an hour or even a few days and explore the beaches and the whole landscape in the nearby areas. Especially if you have never done anything like this before, this is the perfect opportunity to see how fun this is. There are vehicles which are too easy to drive and you won’t even need a licence while there are others that the crew comes with you. You can do this almost everywhere along the coastline of Portugal.

Fun Idea 3: Visit unusual museums

Visiting archaeological museums and art galleries are typical tourist activities. What if we told you that museums can actually be fun and surprising? Well, at least some of them can! In Portugal there are some museums that exhibit weird collections. So what are some unusual museums that you can visit in Portugal? The CR7 Cristiano Ronaldo Museum, the National Azulejo Museum (azulejo is a type of tile), the Money Museum and the Prazeres Cemetery and Museum.

Fun Idea 4: Wine tasting tours

Going on wine tasting tours is an activity that you mustn’t skip in Portugal. Porto and the whole Douro Valley are famous for the excellent wine that is produced there and then exported in the whole world. Many vineyards in the area offer tours to the premises, experts share their secrets and allow visitors to taste their exquisite products. This is the best place to learn about and taste good wine.

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