Holidays are often defined by the experiences we create ourselves, or that have been created for us. But on the Isle of Skye, the natural beauty of the landscape is all that’s needed to inspire wonder in its visitors. Stark grey rocks jut out from the sea of green grass. Open expanses extend for miles with rolling hills and inland lochs. It’s an authentic Highlands retreat. This impressive Scottish gem is just begging for visitors, and here’s why you should oblige.

How to see the Isle of Skye

The Isle of Skye’s dramatic and wide ranging landscape means it lends itself naturally to adventure. There are plenty of activities on offer for every type of visitor.

One of the best ways to get to know the island is, oddly enough, from the sea. The diverse array of creatures living off the Isle’s coast makes for a thrilling trip. Sightings of otters, dolphins and sea eagles are common. There have even been sightings of the odd minke whale!

For a more relaxed trip on the sea though, Skye can still provide. Luxury sea tours on the MV Seaflower can’t be missed. While exploring the stunning coastline from the water, expect to be treated to a locally caught seafood lunch and a refreshing glass of wine. Perfect for those celebrating an occasion, or those just wanting to treat themselves.

Once back on land, you may fancy exploring the Isle of Skye itself.

The perfect way to take in the scenic views would be a bus tour. Skye Bus Tours offer a one day round trip over the island. This will give you chance to take in spectacular views, and get to know the rugged nature of Skye.

Distillery Tours offers a unique opportunity for visitors with a taste for whisky. This one-day tour follows the whisky trail of Skye and Raasay, visiting distilleries all the way. If you can peel your eyes away from the scenery, whisky tastings are the perfect accompaniment for your little adventure.

Skye road

The Skye is the Limit for Adventure

After all thisĀ seeing of the Isle of Skye, it’s now time to do Skye instead.

Mountain activities with Skye Adventure should be at the top of the list! You can rock climb the tough terrain. Hill walk the steep inclines for gorgeous views. Or just explore how and where you would like. Get yourself stuck in and transverse these hair-raising cliffs and rocks.

To venture off the beaten track of Skye, Skye Ghillie are the people to call. They will guide you to catch wild salmon, plunge into a hidden waterfall or just take in the awesome surroundings. They offer tours, walks and swims. Even wild camps! You can hike, forage, fish, cook and learn some bush craft. An ideal activity for those wanting to get their hands dirty.

For a unique perspective of Skye, while trying something new and exciting, why not pay a visit to Plockton for sea kayaking. Or even paddle boarding around Eliean Donan Castle. The sheltered bays of the area mean it is an ideal spot for beginners looking to find their sea legs. The views of the Isle from the sea cannot be beaten, and give a very special chance to truly take in the serene atmosphere here.

Skye castleMore Things to Do on Skye

Of course Skye has an abundance of natural attractions, but it doesn’t stop there. Many events, shops and restaurants are always worth a visit on this fair Isle.

If you’re a runner wanting to combine your travel urges with a half marathon then look no further. This challenging route combines the beauty of the area, with the tough inclines and distance which a half marathon has. Take in the breath-taking landscape, and try to catch it again for the run!

Shopping is always a great way to immerse yourself into the feeling of a place, all while surrounding yourself with the locals.

HNA (Highland Natural Accents) in Portree has a tantalising collection of finished Scottish textiles to view and purchase. With a vibrant range of colours, textiles and materials, many of the pieces are even hand woven. They are also mostly made within the Scottish Isles, and therefore locally sourced.

One of the smallest shops on Skye is Under the Rowan. It features an eclectic mix of crafts, gifts and accessories. Many being hand made, you can buy soaps, socks, wooden items and many more keep-sakes from your stay on the Isle. This is a great place to support local businesses and keep the Isle thriving as it has been.

Skye not only has shops to keep you busy, but the restaurants are also top notch.

With beautiful views over the Uig Bay, the Uig Hotel offers some delectable dishes. With both a Bar and A La Carte menu, they offer guests true Scottish dishes with ingredients sourced locally. They also change the menu depending on the seasonal Skye produce available. For a relaxed and friendly dining experience, look no further.

Skye village

Where Else to See on Skye

Dotted around the Isle of Skye are many curious and beautiful places, which you would be foolish to over-look on a visit.

The two Cuillin Mountain Ranges (Black and Red ranges) dominate the Skye-line. The iconic ridge on the Black Range is known as the most challenging mountain range in the UK. With its very steep inclines and declines, sheer cliff faces and sometimes less-than-optimal weather, the Black Range makes for a wonderfully dramatic postcard photo of the Isle.

Perhaps the most intriguing and mysterious sight in the area is the Fairy Glen. Fairy Glen sits just above Uig, with roads winding over and around the many small green hills populating the area. Between these hills, little lochs have developed, giving the location an otherworldly feel. One of the hills has a basalt topping, making it stand out among the other hills. It almost looks like a peculiar ruin of some sort. Though of course no real claims to fairies can be made, the sheer unusual nature of the place has given cause for its name.

Skye Fairy Glen

A True Highland Escape

With the interesting blend of dazzling beauty from the landscape, and adventurous activities available, the Isle of Skye is completely unique.

You may be planning a country escape during these locked-down times. You may just need a break from mundane daily life. Skye could be the best place for it. So pack your bags, and your wellies! Reach for the Skye.

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