Serviced Apartments in Central London | If you regularly travel for business, your next trip is probably already inked into your electronic diary. Having settled on London as your destination and booked your flight, the only thing remaining is finding suitable accommodation.

Leisure and business travellers often have to compare hotels against serviced apartments to see which option is better. This article aims to convince you of the many benefits that come with staying at a serviced apartment in Central London.

Why Stay at Serviced Apartments in Central London?

1. Spacious Than Hotel Rooms

A Central London serviced apartment is more spacious than the average hotel room, allowing it to offer separate living and sleeping rooms.

The apartments have fully equipped kitchens providing the occupants with enough room to socialise with family, guests, and colleagues.

What’s more, each apartment comes fully furnished with modern facilities allowing you the flexibility to hold business meetings and entertain your guests.

2. Privacy

While a hotel room affords you the privacy you need to conduct your business in peace, this all changes once your step out of the room and into the shared areas.

Hotel suites can’t match the level of privacy accorded to travellers and tourists living in serviced apartments.

They offer a level of privacy that’s only rivalled by what you enjoy at home. From the kitchen to the living room and bathroom, the privacy is as you would expect in your house.

3. Enhanced Security Levels

Security is among the crucial factors considered when looking for a place to stay on vacation or when travelling for business.

Central London apartments have unmatched security that goes beyond installing monitored closed-circuit television cameras.

While the CCTVs are great, you’ll likely get peace of mind when you know that there’s a doorman at the apartment building.

Continued human attendance guarantees the upmost security in the flats without intruding on your privacy.

Central London Apartment4. A Private Kitchen

As mentioned elsewhere in this article, the No 17 Dickens Yard apartments come with a fully equipped kitchen with cooking utensils and crockery.

Such kitchens are advantageous because they allow you the flexibility to prepare the meals you want when you want and the way you want. You don’t have to survive on takeout during your business trip when you can quickly cook inside the apartment.

The kitchen makes it convenient for you to go about your business and makes your stay even more comfortable, especially if you’re in town for more than a few days.

It also works perfectly for people who have particular dietary needs or are travelling with kids.

5. Location! Location! Location!

Central London serviced apartments are located in easy to access areas and often within walking distance to the business district.

Their proximity to the business district allows you peace of mind as you don’t have to worry about making a commute to and from your meetings.


It’s clear that the apartments have lots of benefits to offer, with the only challenge being how to find the right apartment. Looking at all the benefits above, it should become easier for you to settle on an accommodation option the next time you’re in London.

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