Travel north along the Norfolk Coast, and you’ll find plenty of hidden English gems. However, thanks to its unique beaches, colourful promenade and dog-friendly nature, there’s one small town that stands out above the crowd.

Sheringham’s stone beaches, fascinating murals and local delicacies paint the town favourably when it comes to a getaway along the English Coast. Surrounded by classic English coastlines, golden beaches and pretty meadows, Sheringham is among England’s finest staycations! And yet, there is much more to the town than its dazzling views. From early morning coastal walks to late-night dining with your significant other, there’s an endless list of activities to enjoy, places to go and things to see. So read on, and discover why Sheringham should be your next English holiday!

Sheringham’s High Street Treats

Gelato Ice CreamTake a short five-minute walk from the top to the bottom of Sheringham’s high street, and you’ll be amazed just how much variety there is. Of course, the classic coastal shops are lining the road, so you’ll always be able to satiate your fish and chips cravings, but why not try something new?

Among the various ice cream shops, you’ll find less-traditional options such as gelato and churros! And, if you’re looking for a savoury treat, Fat Teds Streat Food serves delicious dirty fries, nachos, burgers and flatbreads.

As for restaurants, you can always enjoy fresh crab and traditional pub foods along the seafront. Or, try one of the alternative eateries such as Chai-Yo, Marmalade Bistro or Crofters. Each restaurant offers various foods, from Thai to Austrian dishes, and they’re a perfect way to add variation to your English holidays!

From classic treats to diverse delicacies, Sheringham has something to please everyone’s palate.

Perfect Family Beaches

The English Coast has its fair share of beautiful beaches, from the dramatic coastline towards the north to the tropical climate of Cornwall. Sheringham is absolutely no exception, showcasing its brilliance in the form of stony beaches and splendid rock pools. The stones layering the top of Sheringham’s beaches may be off-putting to some, but they certainly make a beautiful sound when the tide is in. As well as the gorgeous ASMR, the pebbles provide an excellent place to sunbathe on. Parents, in particular, should be delighted to have these rocks to perch on, as it means no sandy fingers to ruin your picnic.

Divided by groynes, the beaches are long and narrow, with a field of flat sands stretching from the rocks to the sea when the tide is out. At its lowest, the tide reveals rock pools on either side of the groynes, which are perfect for finding crabs! In summer, the sea is calmer and perfect for swimming in, but the waves are excellent for body-boarding in the colder months. For a safe sea experience, stick to the parts of the beach where the lifeguards are on duty. Dog-owners will be pleased to know that further along the promenade are beaches where their furbabies are welcome, too!Sheringham

Pleasant Walks Along The English Coast

A coastal holiday in England wouldn’t be complete without the classic morning walks. And nothing beats that feeling of the fresh sea air filling your lungs as the sun floods the sky! Sheringham will spoil you for coastal walks, as the beach extends both ways toward Cley Marshes and Cromer. You can walk in either direction, following the neat pathways along the clifftops, but there’s another little walk that brings you down to Sheringham’s seafront if you’re willing to hike uphill.

The Norfolk Coast Path runs roughly 84 miles from Hunstanton to Hopton-On-Sea, but you don’t have to walk the entirety of it. Instead, there’s a small section of the path known as the Beeston Bump walk! Starting in Sheringham, the walk will take you up to the top of Beeston Bump, a small hill made up of gravel and sand, for spectacular views. It’ll then take you back towards Sheringham, where you’ll have the option to head back towards the town centre, or you can follow the path down towards the promenade where you’ll find a food stall offering tea, coffee, waffles and pancakes! This walk is the perfect way to start your day, and the booth even offers homemade dog treats for your fuzzy companions.

A Glimpse Into England’s Iceage Past

Mammoth SkeletonPainted along the side of the promenade overlooking the sea is a beautiful mural of mammoths. While striking, the reasoning behind the picture is even more fascinating. When it comes to history, England is practically overflowing with it, but did you know that Sheringham has its own unique story? Stretching back over many centuries, fossil records of the area show that this particular part of the coastline was once home to mammoths!

Back in the 1990s, archaeologists recovered an almost complete skeleton of the prehistoric creatures near West Runton. Neolithic axes, arrowheads and more bones have since been found around the cliffs below Beeston, scattered along the beaches. You can even view some of the prehistoric objects at the Sheringham Museum! The story of this part of the English coast is undoubtedly intriguing, and the museum makes for a great lunchtime activity for all ages.

The Perfect Coastal Getaway

Now that you’ve read about Sheringham’s pebble beaches, beautiful murals and alternative treats, you’ll understand why this tiny town makes for a fantastic UK staycation. With its dramatic coastline and stunning sights, Sheringham is waiting to impress you. So don’t just daydream about sunbathing on the rocky shores; grab your towels and get ready for an adventure along the spectacular English coast!

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By Skylar Grace
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