Stargazing is an activity that will soothe your soul. It is a treat for your eyes and lets you see a side of nature that people hardly get to see. However, to enjoy it to its fullest, you will have to set out for a select few locations where you can have a clear view of the night skies and the stars. Among all the places on Earth, here are 5 of the best ones from where you can enjoy stargazing.

#1 The Brecon Beacons Dark Sky Reserve, Wales, UK

Wales is a top destination for people eager to stargaze. The low pollution in that region is what enables enthusiasts to get a good view of the night sky. Tourists enjoy observing the skies with telescopes during the summer months. You can also find yourself at a meteor-spotting session. Astronomical societies from the UK often visit Wales’ Brecon Beacons Dark Sky Reserve to organise various events and research work.

It is important to keep a check on the weather when you visit the UK. Stay updated on an app that uses data from the local weather radar to provide forecasts. Thanks to modern technology, real-time weather updates are easily retrievable, and you can rely on these weather apps to know how the weather, as well as the air quality, is in that particular area. Based on the forecast and other data, you can plan your stargazing trip accordingly.

#2 Bryce Canyon National Park, Utah, USA

Bryce Canyon is known for its rock formations, as well as its starry night skies. The 35,000-acre national park in this region is an International Dark Sky Park. It is a dedicated region for stargazing and astronomy programming. You can go on night excursions guided by Astronomy Rangers. At the park, you can get to see over 7,000 stars, get a view of Venus and Jupiter, and a horizon-horizon view of the Milky Way.

Best viewed on a cloudless night, you are advised to stay updated on the weather around Bryce Canyon Park. As long as the skies are clear, and there is not a rain cloud in sight, you will be in for an amazing treat, courtesy of Mother Nature.

#3 Denali National Park Reserve, Alaska, USA

Located around the Denali Mountain Peak, which is North America’s highest summit, the Denali National Park Reserve in Alaska is home to a lot of native wildlife. This 6-million-acre reserve is away from all sorts of light and noise pollution that you would usually find in a town or city. This allows the Denali National Park Reserve to be an ideal stargazing location.

Not only stars, but you can also gaze at the night sky and catch a glimpse of planets and northern lights (Aurora Borealis). These elements make the stargazing experience even more surreal. Visiting the park during fall, spring, or winter will give you the best view of the night sky when the region experiences longer periods of darkness.

#4 Wood Buffalo National Park, Alberta, Canada

The Wood Buffalo National Park in Alberta, Canada is the largest astronomy park in the world. Thousands of people visit the park every year to witness the beautiful stars lighting up the night sky. It is a majestic sight to behold, one that will entice visitors, and exceed even their wildest imaginations. The open skies, free from dust and pollution, make stargazing fun and somewhat adventurous for the visitors that flock there every year, just to see the starry skies.

#5 Sagarmatha National Park, Nepal

The Sagarmatha National Park in Nepal is a UNESCO World Heritage site, and a popular tourist destination, especially for those who want to do some stargazing. The park also houses the world’s highest mountain, Mount Everest, which is undeniably one of the best places on Earth to stare at the beautiful night sky, and admire the stars. Of course, you do not have to climb to the top to get a good view of the stars. Looking at them from the Sagarmatha park is more than enough to quench your curiosity.

In case you do want to climb higher, the park has a series of hiking trails and a low-altitude forest zone. Going up the trail will give you a view of Mt. Everest surrounded by the night sky, and of course, the bright stars.

So do check out these places if you want to get the best stargazing experience ever. The view from these locations will not let you down.

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