Stonehenge is a historical monument that is located in Salisbury as it is home to castles, abbeys, industrial sites, Roman forts, hill figures, etc attracting thousands of visitors to visit the most famous place in England.

Stonehenge and Avebury are archeological sites in England famous for prehistoric stones in the world, whereas Avebury claims to be the largest stone circle in the world. These historical sites and their interrelated landscapes help people to understand Neolithic and Bronze Age ceremonial and mortuary practices. In some cases, they have been used continuously for more than 2000 years or have been built as monuments between 3700 and 1600 BC. Our collective heritage is therefore uniquely embodied in them.

Visitors can book Stonehenge Tickets in advance to avoid the last-minute rush and in this manner, it guarantees your trip. Also, they can book tickets for half-day or full-day with a guided tour

Visit the impressive Salisbury Museum

Salisbury Museum, an award-winning museum is located in Wiltshire England. It is famous for art collections that boast, local archaeology, fine art, fashion, ceramic & glass making, etc attracting thousands of travellers to get Stonehenge tickets by thrillophilia during the England trip. Special exhibitions have been conducted throughout the year that highlights the art and history of England. Wessex Gallery is the major highlight of the museum which boasts an archaeology collection from Britain, artefacts from Stonehenge, the Amesbury Archer, and medieval finds from Old Sarum.

Discover the largest Stone Circle in Avebury

The magnificent village of Avebury is renowned for harbouring the largest stone circle in the world and also for its Neolithic and Bronze Age relics, including ancient tombs.  Avebury Manor is the famous attraction of this place where visitors can enjoy the beauty of gardens, greenery, and surroundings. Traditional homes are the highlights here that visitors can find while exploring the Avebury.

Soak up Avebury’s as much as you can as London is packed with hidden gems and famous attraction points that include Windmill Hill and Silbury Hill. The windmill is a hub for festivals and businesses, while Silbury Hill is an artificial hill that is 30 meters tall and the tallest man-made mound in Europe.

Stroll around Durrington Walls

Starting as a settlement that dates back to the Late Neolithic, there may have been 1,000 homes at Durrington Walls, and there may have been 4,000 people living there at the time. Over time, the site underwent numerous alterations, including the installation of a henge and timber circles. The Stonehenge World Heritage Site in England is where the enclosure was later discovered. It is located around 3km northeast of Stonehenge. The “walls” of the henge are still discernible today and are where the place gets its name from. Following Hindwell in Wales, the henge is the second-largest known Late Neolithic palisaded enclosure in the United Kingdom.

Immerse yourself in the history of Mompesson House

The 18th-century Mompesson House is the most remarkable structure in Cathedral Close, is worth exploring. Undoubtedly, it is a magnificent affair and one of the county’s best-known National Trust estates. The interesting part is that it has been seen in numerous blockbusters including historical costume dramas, such as Sense and Sensibility.

The exquisitely maintained interior of this Queen Anne-style estate, which houses significant plasterwork and vintage furnishings from the era, is a standout. Among its other charms are its majestic oak stairways and exquisite collection of glassware from the 18th century.  Don’t forget to set aside time to stroll into the lovely walled garden as well. There is a fantastic tearoom on-site as well. It is advisable to book Stonehenge Tickets in advance for the available guided tours.

Explore the most picturesque village in England – Castle Combe

Many people would consider Castle Combe to be the most picturesque village in England. It is a very modest town with only 350 occupants, and the only people that disturb the serenity of this place are those who get to know about it.

The village just has one main street, and the magnificence of its structures made with honey-coloured Cotswold stone will compel you to snap pictures of each one individually. Its location amidst forested hills substantially contributes to its mystical aura.

Castle Combe has been used in some movies such as  The Wolf Man and Stardust. One of the oldest functioning clocks in the nation is reportedly housed in the church along with a few bars and an opulent hotel that resembled a castle from a fairy tale.


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