If your travels bring you anywhere close to the Canary Islands, you should do yourself a favour and not miss the chance of marvelling at the beautiful island of Tenerife. Although all Canary Islands are stunning and provide travellers with many amazing things to do, in this article we will focus on the largest one of them, Tenerife.

Getting to Tenerife

By Sea

Ferries arrive at Tenerife full of travellers who are eager to get a taste of the interesting island even for one day. The busiest port is in the capital city, Santa Cruz de Tenerife. Ferries from Spain and other Canary Islands embark there.

By Air

There are two airports in Tenerife: Tenerife North Airport and Tenerife South Airport. Both airports are well-connected and welcome international travellers. Tenerife South Airport is the one that gets the busiest of the two.

How to Hire a Car at Tenerife South Airport?

It makes total sense if you are looking for a way to get from one destination to another without losing too much time. You can do that by hiring a car. There are many car hire companies at Tenerife South Airport ready to listen to your travel needs and provide you with the perfect vehicle.

Where to Hire a Car at Tenerife South Airport?

If you believe that a hire car will indeed make your holidays in Tenerife more fun, you should visit the website of Holiday Cars. Why? Because Holiday Cars offer Tenerife South airport car hire service at excellent prices. In one place, you can compare prices from reliable car hire companies with many different types of cars and complete your booking by paying for it in a safe online environment. The best part is that you will not be charged at all if you modify or cancel your booking 48 hours before your pickup. Holiday Cars are here to make hiring a car easier than ever.

Eating in Tenerife

The cuisine of Tenerife is influenced by neighbouring cultures, meaning culinary arts in Spain, Africa and Latin America. One day on the island is enough to taste the basic local specialities which are any type of fresh seafood and papas arrugadas, which are boiled potatoes, with a special chilli sauce called mojo sauce. No matter what dish you end up choosing, you should accompany your meal with a Canarian wine.

Fun Things that One-Day Visitors Should Do in Tenerife

Go Swimming

Tenerife is an island, so the fact that there are splendid beaches should not come as a surprise. However, there are some places that manage to make the whole experience unique. For example, have you ever swum in natural rock pools? The picturesque town of Garachico gives you the opportunity to do just that. If you are a surf lover, you should definitely visit the El Médano beach.

Anaga Rural Park

If you are more of an adventure-junkie type of traveller, the Anaga Rural Park seems right up your street. You can follow fantastic hike trails, explore dense forests and admire breathtaking coastal views.


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