If you’re looking to spend a weekend away this winter, then you’ll be pleased to learn that there are a great many affordable and attractive destinations within easy reach of your local airport. Winter is a time of year that facilitates a different kind of getaway. Rather than spending a week on the beach, or beside the pool, you might spend a shorter period in a major city, or in a rural chalet break or ski trip.

To travel in style, you might get a first-class train ticket to the airport. For those in the south, this might mean getting a first-class return ticket to Gatwick. If you’re booking your trip as a surprise for someone, then this will help you to ensure that everything goes without a hitch.

Winter Getaways

Winter is a great time to get away for a range of reasons. You’ll typically find that the cost of travel and accommodation is a little bit lower, since fewer people are travelling. This also means that the crowds are a little bit thinner once you arrive. Finally, it should be said that cold weather makes for a different kind of break. Some parts of the world are actually at their most beautiful when the weather is cold.

Winter will match well with breaks of many kinds, including family trips, couple’s holidays, and solo adventures. Whoever you’re taking with you for the ride, winter is a great time to get started.

Perfect Winter Weekend Couples Ideas

If you’re looking to take a special someone away for a weekend, but you’re short of inspiration, then it’s worth considering some of the standout choices.

When the weather’s cold, it’s worth looking for somewhere that’s cosy and hospitable. A break in the countryside will help you to create that atmosphere of intimacy, especially if you go for a spectacular natural setting.

Many European cities are a natural fit for a romantic break during winter. Landmarks like the Colosseum, the Arc de Triomphe, and Prague Castle all look spectacular when they’re lit up at night-time. If you’re travelling close to Christmas time and there are plenty of decorations up, then you might find it even more appealing.

If you’d like a domestic trip, then the Scottish Highlands will tend to offer a winning balance between historic attractions, an inspiring landscape, and cosy fireside evenings.

Winter Weekend Family Ideas

But what if you’re looking to take more than one person away? Again, certain kinds of holiday stand out. Certain kinds of trip will reliably inspire the kids. Why not take a trip up to Lapland, for a visit to Santa’s grotto? On the other hand, Krakow, and its medieval architecture, might make an affordable place for the family to spend a weekend.

Winter Weekend Solo Getaway Ideas

If you’re travelling solo, then you’ll have the luxury of choosing your itinerary. Winter sports enthusiasts might go for a once-in-a-lifetime trip to Japan, where the off-piste culture offers something a little different to the Alps. On the other hand, you might rent a cottage for yourself in the Cotswolds, and treat yourself to a little bit of seclusion at home in the UK.

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