There are holidays, and there are trips that will create memories for life. The Eurorail pass is certainly your gateway to an unforgettable experience: one ticket, 33 countries, unlimited train rides. Whether a teenager or a senior, the Eurorail pass is open to anyone.

But while ultimate freedom is fun and probably exactly what you’re looking for, a little planning is necessary so your dream holiday doesn’t turn into a nightmare. Here are five apps for both iOS and Android that will make your trip easier and more enjoyable.

#1 Trail Wallet

Nothing will bring your trip to a quicker end than running out of money. A quick snack on the train, a few beers here, a private room there – it’s easy to lose track of how much you spend on vacation. Train Wallet helps you always be on top of things. Set daily budgets, organise your expenses by category and month, and add every amount that you spend through ‘Quick Add’; the app does the rest for you.

#2 Hostelworld

Imagine arriving in a city late at night, rocking up to a hostel only to be told it’s sold out? You might think that won’t happen to you, but it’s actually very common – especially with popular hostels. Hostelworld lets you book your stays in advance. Enter a city and browse hostels based on your needs by applying various filters. To confirm your stay, Hostelworld will charge a small deposit to your credit or debit card. Upon arrival, you will pay the outstanding balance directly to the hostel.

#3 Gaming Apps

Ok, this isn’t exactly one app but rather suggesting installing a couple of fun gaming apps on your phone. Train rides can be fun, but unless you’re hopping on the Rocky Mountaineer or the Trans-Siberian train, they are rather unexciting. Head to your app store and pick a few games to pass the time; you’ll thank us later. If that’s not an option for you, there are also a few fun slot games available online. There is no need to install anything, and you can even win some cash (if you’re lucky). Check out Online Slots Pilot for real money slots and what it takes to play.

#4 Rome2Rio

The Eurorail pass lets you take (almost) every train, but you still need to plan yourself. This can be a challenging task, especially when travelling cross-country. Rome2Rio is a fantastic app to find connections within Europe. It doesn’t only cover trains but also busses and even taxis. If your goal is to go and explore, Rome2Rio is a must. For big-city travellers, the app might not provide enough value.

#5 Revolut

Imagine an app that allows you to exchange your money into almost any currency, lets you block and unblock your card with a button click, and sends you a replacement debit card to any address worldwide. It would be an app any traveller has to have installed. Lucky for you, this app exists. Revolut is your gateway to worry-free payments wherever you are. The app is free, the first debit card is free, and receiving replacement cards is free as well. Get it; it’s a no-brainer.

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