As a female wanting to travel alone, the world can be an intimidating place. This guide is to help those female travellers looking to explore the world solo.

Do Your Research

Make the effort to do extensive research into your travel destinations; weather, dress codes, and local customs should all be taken into account. You should know exactly what to expect before you take a step off the plane. The behaviour expected from women in some countries can be a little unusual or make you feel uncomfortable, so make sure you are aware of the expectations before arriving.

Most importantly, when it comes to solo travel, have common sense. Be organised and plan your journey down to the finest details; book your first night’s accommodation so you don’t find yourself hunting for a hostel or hotel whilst suffering with jet lag. Always know the address of your accommodation, keep your passport with you, and be sure to carry extra money with you at all times in the unlikely event of an emergency.

Picking The Destination

Pick somewhere you’ve always dreamed of going, but make sure it’s safe for you to travel alone there. Pick locations with low crime rates and is known for their welcoming locals and warming hospitality.

You’ll enjoy your travels much more if you know you are in a safe location and know there’s no need to worry about pickpockets. Should you find yourself in any large cities or heavily populated areas, keep your personal belongings close to you and out of sight. If you worry about male attention, pick a destination known to be female friendly. Female TravelKeep in Contact

Whether you’re travelling for a few weeks or a few months or even a whole year, make sure you keep in contact with your loved ones back home. Update them on your plans and whereabouts so they know you are safe and happy – it saves them from worrying about you. Telling your family and loved ones that you plan on going solo travelling might not go down too well, and of course, they will be concerned for your safety, so the least a solo traveller can do is reassure them every day.

Look After Your Health

A lone female traveller needs to keep her wits about her, and she can only do that if she is fit and healthy. Maintain a healthy diet, stay hydrated, and have an efficient sleep schedule. Looking after your health can be easily forgotten when you are exploring the world and having fun, but the long days and strenuous trekking can take their toll on the body. Also, be sure you have any medications you might need (i.e. painkillers), and visit your doctor 6-8 weeks before you travel to receive any shots or vaccinations you might require.

Be Smart

Lastly, be confident but informed in your travels and the trip will be a breeze. Be street smart and aware of your surroundings at all time. However, try to be warm and friendly with the locals as well as other travellers you meet along the way; it might be an opportunity to make friends and enjoy the trip with someone else.


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