Outdoor photography has a set of challenges and opportunities for travel photographers. If you are looking for some tips to improve your outdoor portraits, you are on the right page. Keep reading:

Excellent Exposure, White Balance, Sharp Focus

These are very simple things to keep in mind and most photographers never forget these. Nowadays cameras have become more technologically developed and have better options to maintain the levels for these three but still digital cameras miss the way exposure latitude used to be in negative films .portraits

Always Choose One Focus Point for Portraits

If you go for the autofocus option while shooting portraits outdoors, it can be messing with your pictures. This is the option on the camera you should select when you capture whatever is close to the lens to focus on it. Always go for one focus point, as it will provide you the best control.portraits

Keep Your Focus on the Eyes

Eyes are said to be the windows to the soul and I consider them the best feature to capture in portraits. So, eyes should be the focal point of your portraits. Eyes can be sharpest element in your picture, if the background is too huge.  If you will focus on eyes, the skin will get softend by the camera lens automatically.portraits

Take a picture in RAW

What is RAW? Well, RAW are some of the gatherings of sensory data when there is exposure. It helps you edit your picture simply as you have it as a digital negative. When you take a picture in JPG format, for any edits you lose data. That doesn’t happen in RAW format.

Take Pictures in Shade (Don’t Shoot In Direct Sunlight)

Choose a time of the day for your outdoor photography when the sunlight isn’t as harsh, because direct sunlight makes your subject (people) squint. You can shoot in shades, or you can you use some shade as well. With some really nice white balance, highlights and exposure, daylight portraits look extremely gorgeous.portraits

Clouds are a BONUS!! They make images look powerful and rich by providing a huge blanket to give an effect of natural sunlight. The cloudy look of the portraits can fool you in ways you can’t see, it’s amazing how it works out!


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