A layover is probably one of the worst things a traveller might encounter. They can be stressful and boring, and can make even the best of us wonder what should be done with the time we have. Some might try to stay productive by reading or writing, but not everyone can do it at a busy, noisy airport. 

If you are staring at this article now, you are probably stuck at a layover, but that’s not a problem. We all have been there at some point…

So, what does one do exactly to make the most of their layover? If that’s the question on your mind, then you are at the right place. Here we will discuss some tips that can come in handy when you are stuck at a short stopover. So without further ado, let’s get started!

Layover Tips: Take A Nap

One of the best things you can do at a layover is to try sleeping. Catch up with all of your past sleep debts at your layover. This is a great way to kill time and simultaneously recharge your body. However, sleeping at an airport is only for some. 

Not everyone can sleep with background noises. And if you nap at an airport, you must have the temperament to encounter annoying announcements regularly. So if you are a light sleeper, napping isn’t an option. However, if you are a hard sleeper, all you need is a blanket and a pillow while travelling, and you can catch up with your sleep.

Before sleeping, It’s best to use cables and luggage locks to secure your bags and luggage to a fixed object. Once that is done, set some extra alarms and try sleeping ’till it’s time for your flight.

Do A Little Research On Your Destination 

If you can’t sleep, then your next best option is to do a little research on your destination. If you are travelling for the first time, you might have done all the research already, but one can have second thoughts, right? 

So if you are stuck at a layover, go through the restaurant reservations you have made, search for different and uncommon places you can explore, and get yourself some pro tips online from travellers who have travelled to your destination already. 

If you feel like you have done the research already and there’s no point in doing it again, you might want to reconsider your decision. The internet is full of information, and if you go on and research more about your destination, the chances of finding new and relevant data are pretty high.

Try Exercising

If you feel the first two tips are not for you, NO PROBLEM! Sleeping and researching can be tedious, but one can always do some exercise to stay active. Some airports across the globe offer yoga studios and fitness centres on the airport premises. So if your airport has one, ensure that you utilise the facility.

However, if your airport doesn’t have the facility, don’t worry; you can still try to do a yoga routine. And if yoga isn’t your thing, bring some resistance bands and carry-on friendly fitness gear to do low-key strength exercises. This is a great time-killer, and you will also burn some calories.

Stream The Shows You Wanted To Watch 

Now that you are stuck at the airport for some time, why not take advantage of the free WiFi offered? If you have a list of shows you want to try, then the airport isn’t a bad place to start watching your favourite shows. All you need to do is grab your headphones, sit back and watch the shows you have been willing to watch lately.

Streaming shows are a great time-killer while being stuck on a layover. You can stream for hours at the airport if you have to and continue the remainder of your shows when onboard. But whenever you are watching, ensure you are near a charging station or have a power bank ready because you don’t want to run out of battery at a desperate time. 

Play Games

The greatest time-killer of all time has to be playing games. If you are travelling with someone, then your game options are open. You can carry anything from Code Names® to Connect Four® in your bags, and even if you don’t have a layover, you can still use the board games at your destination. You can also try grabbing a deck of Uno if that’s something you’d like to play.

If you feel like you can’t carry anything in your packed bags, then try playing games like “I Spy” or games that don’t require anything additional that you have to carry. However, if you are travelling alone, you can always download some games on your phone. They can be a great time-killer during your stay at the airport.

Explore The Airport Or Take A Short Trip Out Of The Airport 

If you feel like staying in one place is boring, and need to do something different, then you have two options. One is to have a full tour of the airport and explore everything on the premises. While the other is to take a short trip out of the airport. It all comes down to the duration of your layover and airport location.

Feel free to leave the airport if your layover is longer than a few hours. Explore the area where you are staying for the time being. Go to a local restaurant and have something different to eat. On your way back, ensure you have enough time to pass through security again. 

However, if you feel like going out is a little too risky, then you can always explore the airport. Every airport is unique, and most want to give the visitors a “coup d’œil” of the local culture. At the airport, you will also find some cafés and restaurants, and some even have art galleries and leisure spots to help pass time.

Stuck at a Layover: Conclusion

Layovers can be a great way to explore yourself. However, it all comes down to your time duration during your layover, which determines what you can do. So whatever you do, ensure you are there when your flight is onboarding because you don’t want to suffer another layover.

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