The excitement of travelling makes for wonderful bonding, which is why more families are looking to go on holiday together. In line with this, The Evening Standard reported that 42% of adults are planning to take trips with their parents this year, while another 7% of adults are planning to holiday with their parents and children.

For this multi-generational travel, luxury cruise ships have become prime options. As it is, European Business Magazine reports that 2023 will see more high-income Europeans booking high-end travel opportunities, like luxury cruises. After all, luxury cruising offers a more intimate approach to ocean travel, as the ships tend to be smaller and have fewer passengers onboard compared to most commercial cruises. Furthermore, most luxury cruises have amenities designed with families in mind, making it the perfect choice for a family holiday. If you’re thinking of treating your family to your own unforgettable ocean adventure, here are a few more reasons why luxury cruises are great for multi-generational travel:

Sophisticated cruise suites designed for families

Unlike traditional cruises, where rooms are cramped, and families often need to be in separate lodgings, luxury cruises offer a more tailored approach to encourage bonding and relaxation. Explora Luxury Cruises emphasises the utmost pampering in its accommodation options. Across their ships, guest suites come with complimentary welcome champagne, unlimited beverages, and a dedicated hospitality expert. This ensures that each guest is tended to exactly as per their unique needs. For families, the luxury cruise takes it up a notch with its ocean-front, interconnecting suites to allow guests the freedom to make themselves at home while aboard a cruise. Families have the option to choose suites that will give them all the space and layout they need to accommodate their entire family without compromising comfort or luxury. In-suite dining is also an option, making it easier to have family meals together in the privacy of your own space. This can make for a more meaningful experience together with the family while away at sea.

Premium on-board recreational facilities

With state-of-the-art suites and services, it’s no wonder that luxury cruises also offer premium recreational facilities for your family to enjoy. Some offer childcare services for toddlers, while others have dedicated hubs for children and teenagers. These hubs have staff to supervise your children as they enjoy a wide array of games, sports, and other adventures available on the cruise. Furthermore, a few luxury cruise lines even offer families with large bookings the option to rent lounges where they can privately read, play, and relax together. For family fun, cruise lines such as Regent Cruises offer amenities, including a spa, a sports deck with a golf net, a putting paddle tennis court, and even a bocce court for families to be able to play together. Additionally, luxury cruise lines have other entertainment options, such as theatres, a variety of swimming pools, and spacious libraries for those looking for a quieter venture.

Top-notch curation of itineraries

Most luxury cruises include excursions as part of the journey. Unlike regular cruises, these excursions include immersive city tours and extensive activities that allow guests to experience their host countries like no other. Depending on the port, some luxury liners offer itineraries like exclusive wine tasting, designer shopping, or nature exploration. For example, luxury cruise lines such as Seabourn offer paddling in sea kayaks to cruise through picturesque locations during your travels, while their newer ships even have submarines for underwater explorations. This makes for a one-of-a-kind experience for the whole family. Of course, to ensure that your luxury cruise caters specifically to the unique needs of your family, it’s best to do research prior to booking, as suggested in our Top Tips for Going on a Cruise Holiday guide.

Luxury cruises have something for everyone onboard, making it the perfect choice to satisfy your entire family’s holiday desires. From scenic ocean views to a variety of recreational activities to choose from, your time at sea will never have a dull moment. For more travel guides and tips, please visit us here at The Travel Pocket Guide.

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