The main reason people don’t take a chance at travelling is because they are afraid they can’t afford it. But travelling doesn’t require you to save up for years on end just to travel to a handful of locations; most travelers make their money while they are travelling.

There are more ways to make money while travelling than many people believe…

TEACHING – Schools all over Thailand, Japan, South Korea, and Vietnam (plus many more) are looking for English speaking teachers. You don’t even need to be certified, just good with children and trustworthy. There are also many volunteer opportunities in schools that let you work in return for food and accommodation.

FRUIT-PICKING – This a popular money maker amongst backpackers passing through Australia and payment is usually per kilo of fruit. Or, again, you can volunteer for food and accommodation.

TRAVEL BLOGGER – It’s doesn’t bring the biggest income unless your content is incredibly popular, it takes time and dedication to run a successful travel blog but it could potentially earn you a fair amount of money just for sharing your travel experiences online.

RESORTS – Resorts from all over the world are almost always willing to temporarily hire travelers for various positions including front desk, activity management, and restaurant work.

ONLINE SELLING – If you have picked up some unique valuables on your travels you can set up a website or shop on eBay on which you can sell your goods to help fund your travels. If online selling isn’t an option, you can always sell your goods in person i.e. from your vehicle or setting up your own pop up stall.

BARTENDING – Many bars will pay cash in hand for travelers who are willing to stay in one spot for a while. Bars in resorts and near hostels typically pay the best.

TEACH AN INSTRUMENT – You can put your musical talents to use by teaching in small schools. Children in developing countries will love you for it, and it’s a fun and rewarding way of funding your travels.

CRUISE SHIP – Working on a cruise ship allows you to travel and work precisely at the same time. Cruise ships are very often looking for bartenders and waiters.


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