Solo travel is a way of traveling alone on our own terms, allowing one to visit destinations of choice. Traveling solo is food for the soul and refreshes us from within. Open up your life to new possibilities and discover a new side of yourself. This independent form of travel helps us step out of our bubble and make our own decisions. This allows us to experience the trip without any distractions and hassle of fellow travelers. Stepping out of the comfort zone to travel alone can be a daunting thought for some but others are obsessed with this life challenging experience that gives them a sense of responsibility. Navigating through an unknown city or country can fill one up with confidence, allowing them to be in charge of their lives.

Do you remember your parents dropping you off at the school for the first time? That was the first step you took into the outside world without holding their hands. This experience helped you build the foundation of confidence and interact with new people. Solo travel is a similar experience to a never seen before destination, where you meet new people from various walks of life, and infuse feelings of triumph and self-confidence. The absence of predictable territory unleashes your inner emotions, survival/life skills, and confidence. The exposure to fear when we are left alone allows us to take risks and make decisions on pure instinct.

How to go for a solo travel:

  • Prepare your mind to discover something new. Experience something that you are unfamiliar with. This is the first element of solo travel that builds the primary layer of confidence that prepares you for a unique journey with yourself.
  • Explore and step aside from a frequented tourist stop or exotic travel destination. Step back and search for a different perspective. Find something that interests you and motivates you. Visit the Everest base camp with Nepal trekking tours, if mountains excite you. Solo travel is all about discovering new locations, your hidden capabilities, and life skills.
  • Deviate from the usually taken road. Try something different and experience something that others haven’t done before. Don’t put yourself in danger by running off of a cliff, but try trekking instead of traveling in a car in the mountains. This will boost your self-confidence and motivate you to get out of the comfort zone for a while.
  • Create your trip route. Research online and find places you would like to visit. Prepare your itinerary and check for the mode of travel and make necessary bookings. Your self-curated plan will fill you up with immense pleasure and excitement, and once you experience it, you will develop a sense of self-confidence and reliability.
  • Take the upper hand and experience the uniqueness of the destination. Trekking packages in India are vivid with vast cultural diversity and you can enjoy a different experience at every turn.

How it increases confidence?

  • Face challenges and overcome them on your own:

Our ordinary life makes a structured and monotonous routine that prevents us from spontaneity and dynamic decisions. Solo travel increases our risk tolerance, tests strength, and our outlook during times of stress. Being alone with no one to guide or help you, you learn to deal with the uncomfortable challenges on your own, building your character and confidence.

  • Taking decisions on your own:

The opportunity to do what you want, when you want and how you want is emancipating. Making decisions as per your call will help inculcate feelings of confidence and power. This selfish opportunity will let you plan your itinerary on your own terms without abiding to anyone’s schedule.

  • More independent:

Being able to plan things on your own helps develop a feeling of independence. You identify your strengths and weaknesses by moving on path curated by you. Being able to find the line between danger and adventure makes us confident and self-reliable. Handling new currencies, navigating through unknown places, and interacting with people who don’t even understand our language helps establish a sense of achievement and victory.

  • Coming out of your shell and comfort zone:

A big part of traveling is connecting with people all around and learning their traditions and lifestyle. We usually stay in proximity of our close ones who understand our nature but once we step out of that circle we realise that we were missing out on a huge part of what traveling is all about. Doing things outside of your shell only increases the radius of the circle until you travel ahead!

  • Feeling of accomplishment:

The immeasurable feeling of accomplishment upon completion of your trip will empower all the challenging, stressful and negative feelings you experienced during the trip. Imagine coming back to your city with uncountable new memories that you made all by yourself. Confidence is just a by-product of the adventure travel. Being able to things beyond our abilities changes the way we feel about us and turns us into a more confident version.


Stepping into the wilderness demands increased attention and motivation from within us. If you need any help developing your motivation or attention, the licensed mental health professionals at BetterHelp can assist you.

These feelings generate automatically as a response to the unpredictability in the nature we’ve stepped in. Unpredictability or randomness is what brings the excitement and the adrenaline rush inside of us, making way for increased self-confidence.

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Manmohan Singh is a passionate Yogi, Yoga Teacher and a Traveller in India. He organises 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training in Goa and also in different cities. Manmohan Singh loves writing and reading books related to yoga, health, nature and Himalaya.

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