Have you booked your summer holiday yet? There is no better feeling than signing off from work, packing your bags, and getting ready to jet, sail, or drive away to sunnier climbs. Before you set the wheels in motion, check out these top tips to help you get prepped the right way and save yourself from some common summer holiday headaches.

Pack Your Bags

No, not your suitcase for the aeroplane but for your possessions that will be staying at home. If you are going on a long summer trip, spending a whole season or more travelling away from your home, it is a good idea to put your most prized possessions in storage. This keeps them safe while you are away, so you can enjoy peace of mind while you enjoy the beaches and cuisine of your holiday destination. With safestore.co.uk it is easy to store your things while you are away no matter where in the country you live. They have storage units across London too, so if you live in the capital there is never one too far away so you don’t have to lug your things from one side of the city to the other.

Dress Your Luggage For Travel

This is one of the most basic travelling tips, but too few people take it seriously enough. If you are travelling by air make your bags easy to recognise on the carousel when you arrive. This can cut down on a lot of stress and makes it easier to time picking it up off the constantly moving belt. Find a gap in the crowd and meet your bag with plenty of room for manoeuvres. When you are getting to your destination by rail, boat, car, or probably a mixture of transport methods making your luggage easy to move and stow away is most important. If you have any exterior pockets on your bags use these for holding travel supplies, your bags will nearly always be within reach so you may as well make the most of it.

Cross Pack For The Win At The Weigh-In

These days it doesn’t matter whether you are flying on a budget plane ride or you are in first class with one of the world’s best airlines, you are going to face a weigh-in. Baggage allowances are often creeping down so that airlines can charge you more at check in for your carry-on or suitcase. Cross packing is the solution, but you have to be travelling in a pair or a group to be able to do it. Spread the load across all your suitcases even if it means mixing up clothes and shoes between travellers. Use plastic shopping bags to hold different member’s items together to make it easier to separate them later. Mix things up a bit between your carry-ons and suitcases if you need to. You’ll save bags of money when you check in.

There are also some other bits and pieces that you need to get organised before you go away for your two weeks in the sun. Always remember to pack some skin protection for the trip. Every summer holidaymakers from the United Kingdom get far too overconfident when tanning. This can ruin a trip for them and the rest of the party. Make sure you pack and use an appropriate sun protection factor sunscreen and use a moisturising cream later when you get out of the sun.

These top tips should make your journey a little bit easier and save some stress and strain at the airport or a train station. Give yourself some peace of mind on a long trip with some safe storage, and make sure you prep and pack your bags right for blissful transfers on the way to your destination.


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