The post-pandemic holiday industry is getting back on its feet. Statista figures show that UK hotel guests are rising significantly in 2022. An analysis by Camptoo in 2022 predicted that long-haul and European flights would see a big lift too.

With so many of us heading back out to explore, it’s important we get reaccustomed to staying away from home. From courtesy to security, here are five essential tips you should follow when staying in a hotel. Follow them, and you’ll have a perfect trip!

Be nice to hotel staff

It’s a simple tip that many travellers sadly forget: being courteous and kind to hotel staff. This is a good idea for a few reasons. First, it’s not fair to tell off low-paid hotel staff for what are typically the failings of management. And second, being nice can sometimes pay dividends. A happier staff member is more likely to go above and beyond for those that are kind to them.

Advance notification of special occasions

Staying in the hotel for a big occasion and want to pay for extras to make your stay even more special? Let the staff know in advance. They’re not mind readers, after all! And by giving them advanced warning, you can be sure that your wishes are carried out.

Stay safe on hotel Wi-Fi

Hotel Wi-Fi can be unsafe. Routers often lack password protection. And even if they’re protected, bad actors can still hack them. To protect yourself, download and install a free VPN. This redirects your connection through a private and secure online server. As a result, it shields you from others accessing your data.

Wash your hands after using the hotel remote

You’re not the only guest to have stayed in your hotel. While the cleaning staff may have done a deep clean, they might have missed the pesky remote. The gaps between the buttons can be a breeding ground for bacteria. So once you use it, consider washing your hands.

Don’t leave valuables on show in your room

Always pack away valuables in your case and lock it before you leave. If there’s one available, use the safe. If neither of these are an option, hide your valuables among your clothes. Put your case out of sight in a wardrobe too. The tougher they are to see, the less likely you’ll be a victim of theft.

Staying in a hotel comes with a few risks. But with the common-sense tips above, you can be certain of your safety and privacy while enjoying some much-needed time away. Do you have any hotel hacks? Share them in the comments section below.

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