With travel statistics estimating that France receives roughly 200 million international visitors a year, there’s no surprise the country is a leading European destination for international travellers. However, in a country with so many things to do, it can be difficult to pack absolutely everything into your French itinerary. So whether you’re new to France, or you’ve had the pleasure of visiting this glorious country before, here are four tips and tricks for the next time you visit.

Eat French street food

France is known internationally for its amazing food. However, you don’t need to go to an expensive French restaurant to experience the best of French cuisine. Indulging in French street food is a great way to appreciate (and understand) French culture – not to mention it’ll taste miles better than any French food you’ve made at home! French street food is also the number one way the try one of France’s most iconic foodstuffs: the crepe. Head to the many local crepe shops and enjoy their delicious twist on a pancake for a dessert… or as a main!

There’s more to France than Paris

While Paris rightfully remains a must-visit destination for those heading to France, there is also so much more to see in one of the world’s most-visited countries.

  • For scenic countryside and melt-in-your-mouth butter, look no further than Normandy.
  • To experience unspoiled beaches and rugged mountains, hop on a ferry to Corsica.
  • Want to immerse yourself in legendary history? Don’t miss Versailles and the Loire Valley.
  • Fancy sipping a few glasses of wine and bubbly? Bordeaux is your answer.

Go off the beaten path

As well as heading outside of Paris, an easy way to truly experience everything France has to offer is by going off the beaten path. By walking in France you can get to locations otherwise inaccessible by public transport, as well as live like a true French local by really slowing down your pace of the day.

Dress for the seasons

There are a few ways to blend in with the local style in France (a dream treasured by many lovers of the country!) Dressing with a monochrome wardrobe and a more classic style with a few bold prints or colours is one of the ways to nail French fashion, while also appropriately dressing for the seasons will fool anyone into thinking you’ve lived there all your life. This means wrapping up warm in winter as snow is not uncommon in the North of the country (including in Paris)!

If you already have your next trip to France booked, or you’re hoping to get another one booked shortly, keep in mind these tips and tricks to make the most out of this fantastic European country.

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