Australia is the land of dreams for many people. It is also a land full of spectacular beauty as it is surrounded by multicultural cities, ancient forests, coral reefs, red deserts and more. When it comes to landscapes and beaches, there is nothing that can beat the beauty of Australia. It is a highly developed country with several opportunities from travel blogging to a career in any specific course. Moreover, it’s a splendid tourist destination.

Keep these things in mind before you fly!

1. Required visa

A visa is the most essential thing that you require while travelling to Australia. A visa comes in many forms like eVisitor visa, Electronic Travel visa, etc. You can apply for any type of visa as per your requirement.

2. Be aware of laws

Australia has the most beautiful islands, therefore to maintain the captivating beauty of those beaches they take the laws very seriously. While arriving, you need to be very careful regarding rules and regulations. Bringing any food items and plant material like seeds, fruits, and leather items is strictly prohibited by the Authority of the Australian Government.

3. Atmospheric conditions

You need to be aware of the climatic changes in Australia. The snow parts include Tasmania, New South Wales, Victoria. Whereas Melbourne is famous for its four-season in a day. Summers in Australia are sometimes harsh and hot. Take precautions for sunburn, dehydration, and heat stroke due to the strong UV rays and change in the weather.

4. Take a map

Before landing, plan your trip through the map. It can save your time to explore the country so that you can easily see all of Australia in just two or three weeks. Mapping will help you a plan smoother vacation without any disappointment.

5. Know the public transport system

Each state in Australia has its public transport. Melbourne city has trains and buses that you can book by using an online card. While in Sydney you can pick trains and buses by using an opal card and in Brisbane you can book public transport by using a go card.

6. Where to swim?

Many visitors flock to Australia just to swim in the beautiful beaches. But some of the beaches have hidden dangers, so you need to be careful about swimming. Some beaches cause a heavy current that can sweep you away.

7. Learn Aussie language

There are a few phrases and short words that you must learn while travelling to Australia:

  • G’day = Hello
  • You ripper = How awesome
  • Mozzies = Mosquitoes
  • Pav = Pavlova, a sweet dessert made of meringue, usually topped with cream and fruit
  • Beauty = Outstanding!
  • Arvo = Afternoon
  • Brekkie = Breakfast
  • Cozzie = Bathers
  • Have a gander = Have a look
  • Idiot box = Television
  • Bush tucker = Native
  • Doona = Duvet
  • Lollies = Sweets, candy
  • Grog = Alcohol
  • Thongs = Flip flops, jandals

Plan your trip to Australia by keeping these things in mind for a hassle-free travel.

By Paul Walker

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