Responsible travel: it’s a tricky topic at the moment. We’re all doing our best to lead more environmentally friendly lives, to buy more sustainable products and to think about everything with a more eco-friendly mind set. But travel? It seems so hard to be environmentally friendly when travel is concerned. Are you really being green if you have to take a flight to get there? No, of course not. And no one can pretend that you are. But that doesn’t mean that the rest of your holiday can’t be green. There are so many things you can do as a tourist that can help to give back to the environment, country and communities you’re visiting. And all you need is a bit of inspiration to get going.

And that’s exactly what Travelbag have done in launching their Responsible Travel Map. Understanding that it can be daunting to know where to start in organising an eco-friendly holiday, Travelbag wanted to simplify that. After all, it’s not like you need to over-haul your entire itinerary to be eco-friendly; there are loads of things you can do to help, that don’t take that much time and don’t require a huge amount of effort. And doing your bit here and there is exactly what Travelbag want to encourage you to do while travelling, to get travellers used to trying sustainable things and taking those first steps into travelling with an eco-mindset.

The Responsible Travel Map lets you browse different countries around the world, clicking on the different tabs to reveal sustainable initiatives or experiences to get involved in. Whether it’s an hour-long plastic pick up on the beach in Australia, a day volunteering at a farm in Bali, working the crops and eating local produce or spending time with a local community, learning about the local cultures and initiatives, there are loads of options out there that will bring you one step closer to that green tourism goal.

It doesn’t take much to make a difference and once you’ve done it once and realise how easy it is to incorporate into your travels, you’ll be much keener to do it again! To explore the map and get inspired for your next holiday, click here.

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