Sometimes, people just jet off to exotic locations without any concrete plans for their travel. However, Turkey is a place where tourists can visit for a guaranteed memorable experience, with breathtaking views and a landscape that shows nature at its peak. Some of Turkey’s endearing features include: vast mountain ranges, large deserts, and beautiful beaches.

Equally, Turkey also boasts several alluring towns, such as Antalya and Istanbul, alongside some of its mind-blowing sights, such as The Blue Mosque and Hagia Sophia. But before you visit Turkey, there are important things you need to know and resources you should consult, such as the Turkey tours package for a wholesome and awesome experience. So we’re here to share our wisdom of this gorgeous country to ensure you get the best out of your trip to Turkey. 

Tips you should consider before travelling to Turkey

Learn basic Turkish words

The Turkish language is pretty easy to learn, as it has many words that are pronounced just as they are spelled. So before departing on your trip, learn some basic Turkish greetings, how to say ‘yes’ and ‘no’, and crucially, how to say thank you. 

You can also visit book stores in cities to buy books that translate Turkish into English. No one expects you to speak Turkish fluently as a visitor, but using some words will surely impress the locals and put a smile on their face. Such efforts show that you appreciate their country and culture. They might even teach you a few more themselves to show their appreciation and help you along in your efforts.  

Don’t neglect the traditions

Turkish natives and other residents are very welcoming to visitors from other parts of the world. A large portion of the population in Turkey is Muslim, but the country is secular in some customs and in different areas. Moreover, you have to play your role by respecting the traditions and customs that govern the city. Therefore, it’s also integral that you’re cordial in your interactions with the locals and other residents. 

It’s also important to note that Turkish citizens hold their founding fathers in high regard; as such, be careful if you find yourself involved in political conversations, one misused word intended as a joke might be more upsetting than you realise. 

Wear appropriate outfits

Turkey has a more traditional sense of fashion, so you shouldn’t wear clothes that are too revealing. Even though Turkish laws see nothing wrong with western clothing, there is a limit on what is considered permissible. This is particularly important if you’re a woman visiting the country. 

For your own wellbeing, you’ll want to make sure you travel with suncream and a hat to avoid getting sun-burned. We also recommend always keeping a shawl or scarf within reach, just in case you have to enter a mosque or other conservative areas, as you need to cover your hair while in these places.

Always have some cash on you

We consider this an essential piece of advice when visiting Turkey. Many people make the mistake of being entirely dependent on ATM machines and their cards in the current age, but it’s always important to have backup cash. Lots of problems can arise when you depend solely on cards, such as ATMs rejecting your card or realising you accidentally left it at home. The best defense against such instances is to always have some Turkish money on you. That way, you can avoid any interruptions to your fun and don’t need to worry about being suddenly stranded in an awkward situation.

Research with respect to the travelling purpose

You’d love to visit all the most popular places that everybody raves about, right? Your guide may give you some recommendations, but there’s always the risk that some of these recommendations won’t meet your personal interests.

So, do a little homework, it’s easy to do a quick Google search into beautiful places available for visitors in Turkey. You might be travelling on a honeymoon trip, a getaway with family, a group or solo trip, etc. And all of these occasions can be easily catered to. 

Just make sure you always know what you’re signing up for, so your chosen locations fulfil your expectations and don’t leave you disappointed. Also, don’t forget to find out any requirements before visiting these places, so you can avoid any unexpected problems.


It’s always better to be prepared before taking a trip, and this includes visiting Turkey. This way, you’ll ensure you get the best experience and avoid as many unwanted experiences as possible. 

In summary, remember to always have some money on you, avoid scantily-clad outfits, respect the culture, research some places you’d love to visit and finally, learn some basic Turkish words before you travel.

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