Take your staycation to the next level with a wellness retreat that lets you step back from the busy world and focus on mind and body for a few days.

Retreats in the UK are ideal for people who prefer not to travel too far, or find the packing/unpacking twice over means holidays are as exhausting as not taking them.

For an affordable but unforgettable yoga retreat, head to Glastonbury. Home to the historical Glastonbury Tor, Tor, which legend states was visited by King Arthur and his round table knights and a young Jesus, Gastonbury is also the birthplace of the Shekinah Yoga Retreat.

This vegetarian yoga centre is a place to “rest, reflect and journey deeper into your spiritual presence”.Wellness

The centre respects the precept of ahimsa, non-violence, and any food on the premises must be strictly vegetarian: no meat, fish, eggs or derivatives. It has a shoe-free policy within its buildings and smoking, caffeine and alcohol are not permitted in the house or garden.

Accommodation is available in single, double or triple formats, and guests may also stay in yurts, unidomes or healing cabins. Prices are inclusive of breakfast: superfood smoothie, muesli, cereals, soya yogurt and hemp, rice or soya milk.

Shekinah offers healing sessions, active meditation, or guests are able to do as little as they like. Massage, shiatsu and reiki healing are also available.

YogaPrema offers a three-day retreat here immersing participants in traditional yoga practices such as Hatha Yoga, kirtan (devotional singing) and mantra chanting.

The Clover Mill in Worcester offers a healthy gut retreat. It’s aimed at people suffering with food intolerances, food cravings, digestive issues and wanting to lose weight. Massage, meditation, discussions and meals will help re-set your gut bacteria, and the price of a retreat includes a Goody Box, with recipes, spices for your dosha type, fermentation starters, massage oil and personalised yoga routine to enable you to continue at home.Wellness

If you want to take time out towards a healthier lifestyle, why not take a look at The Retreat Company‘s website. The company claims to be a one-stop resource for people seeking a retreat in any form and its mantra is that we are human beings, not human doings.

Retreats available include dealing with addictions, recovering from divorce and exploring the practices of tantra and shamanism. Juice fasting, life coaching, colon cleansing, there is (probably) something that will suit everyone.

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