Part of the appeal of travel to many people is the ability to get away from so many aspects of your life that become routine: work, responsibility, similar surroundings, and, to some, screens. Screens can be unavoidable due to certain jobs, or perhaps hobbies like TV and video games. It’s difficult to ignore the role that your phone plays in all of this, though, being an incredibly useful, sometimes even essential device, that is often a cornerstone of everyday life – meaning that some might see travel as a way to get away from it. However, that might ignore what can be so useful about your phone when you are travelling – with proper use enhancing the trip itself.

Getting Around

Yet another paradox of exploring new places comes from wanting to be immersed in a new environment and space, unfamiliar with it all, yet also comfortable in how you avoid getting lost and the stress that can come with that. Your phone in this situation can be thought of as a type of contingency – you’re not looking at it all the time, but you’re also free to explore, knowing that you can resort to it to redirect you if you get lost. This can help to take the edge off and might even encourage you to explore more. However, it can also help to nudge you in the right direction before you leave, perhaps letting you know which direction to vaguely head in and what kinds of places might be best avoided at certain times.

Occupying Your Time

It’s easy to think of the time that you spend travelling as being filled with constant excitement and novelty – but a lot of the time, this just isn’t the case. You’re going to encounter boredom, downtime and sometimes you just crave familiar comforts. This might be most apparent when it comes to the flight itself – which can sometimes take multiple hours depending on where it is that you’re going. You want to keep traveling light, though, meaning that the swathe of activities accessible through your phone is the perfect solution. Games, such as high roller casinos online or popular titles like Fortnite are go-to time sinks at times like this, but you can also download movies and TV shows through streaming platforms for a more relaxed traveling experience.

Travelling with a Group

Group holidays are a famously good time. However, depending on the size of your group, you might not want to do everything together – different people have different ideas of fun, after all. Perhaps you all want to head off in different directions and then reconvene at a convenient location. Plans are subject to change, though, and you never know which spanners are going to be thrown in the works or what spontaneous moods might grab people. Therefore, simply having your phone for the same reason that you find it so useful in your daily life can make group travel much more convenient and seamless. Again, you don’t have to look at it until it’s necessary, meaning that it might become about learning how to resort to it less instinctively.

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