Takeaways are a major part of UK culture that arguably became even more important during the pandemic. There’s something incredibly comforting about ordering a takeaway, something that has even led to YouTube celebrity glory for one man from Barnsley known as “Rate My Takeaway.”

We are, it has to be said, a nation obsessed with convenience foods and though many might argue that London would be the best place to grab a takeaway in the UK, recent research conducted by online bingo platform Jackpotjoy has found otherwise.

They found that not only was fish and chips still the UK’s favourite takeaway but that the takeaway capital of the UK was actually the city of Norwich!

Introducing Norwich

Situated on the east Norfolk coast of the UK (in the hump, as it were), Norwich is a picturesque city that is far more than just the home of fictional radio host Alan Partridge. It’s a thriving city that fuses the modern and the historic in a truly unique way and sits comfortably on the River Wensum, meaning it’s a favourite destination for boating tourists wishing to visit the Norfolk Broads. It’s also wealthy with food options, particularly when it comes to the humble takeaway.

local takeawaysWhy Norwich took the top spot

Norwich was deemed the worthy winner due to Jackpotjoy’s “takeaway ratio,” which compared the number of takeaways to the number of residents. They also factored in how many people were searching for local takeaways every month in each city. They found that, in Norwich, there’s a ratio of 21 takeaways to every 10,000 residents. Not only that, but Norwich residents searched for more local takeaways than any other city’s citizens. The result earned Norwich a score of 92 out of 100. In case you’re wondering, London didn’t even crack the top 10!

Fish and chips; the clear winner

Of course, the research also aimed to decide once and for all what was the UK’s favourite style of takeaway and it comes as little surprise to anyone that the winner was the traditional fish and chips. In fact, fish and chips were not only the most searched for takeaways by those local to Norwich but across the UK.

They even went so far as to figure out what our favourite toppings were, with salt and vinegar coming out on top. We were quite surprised to see, however, that only 8% of respondents took curry sauce on their chips! They also found that the northern classic of chips, cheese and gravy was oddly absent from the poll with 0% of the vote. Mushy peas also claimed just 1%. Honestly, we think they were just asking the wrong people!

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