Ever considered working abroad? It’s a big step to take, and the uncertainty of moving overseas can put some people off. But what on earth would you do? Turns out, there are far more options for working abroad that you may have ever considered…

Working Abroad | Community Projects

Environmental and community projects are a great way to increase your knowledge and experience of worldwide issues and developments. Work such as this is usually without pay. However, most projects will supply the basics including accommodation and food, which, when travelling, you will soon discover are major outgoings from your hard-earned money.

Working Abroad | The Creative Industry

Aspiring creatives can often find good opportunities abroad. Touring musicians and artists for example, can tap into new markets promoting and selling their work. The UK has a leading reputation in the creative industries abroad due in part to the various government initiatives that support the export of work from this sector. Bodies such as, Arts Council England, and the, European Commission Culture Programme, aim to bring greater cooperation between countries across Europe and also provide funding for various subjects that meet this objective.

Working Abroad | Teaching English as a Foreign Language

Teaching English as a Foreign Language is a very popular way to work overseas. As no particular degree discipline is required, many students without specialist experience or skills can often find this a rewarding means to earn and travel. Teaching abroad is sure to open up many opportunities for you whilst also being incredibly rewarding. By becoming an active member of another community you will find yourself establishing meaningful and lasting friendships, not only with your pupils, but with other employees and citizens. From a career perspective, your CV will instantly improve, with the recognisable real-world skills and international competency you will have gained.

Working Abroad | Placements and Exchange Programmes

Many universities offer the opportunity for students to work abroad as part of their course, ranging from a few weeks up to a year. The nature of work placements also varies depending on the subject. Environmental subjects for example, are likely to present opportunities abroad due to the nature of what is being taught. However, most courses and universities will offer exchange projects which allow students to study at partner universities for a year.

Working Abroad | Casual Working

For many students and young people, casual work is all they’re after whilst on their travels. Opportunities are plentiful in the hospitality and tourism sectors, including bar work and holiday reps. Not always the best in terms of pay, but what’s lacking financially can be made up in enjoyment! Making groups of friends often stem from working in pubs, clubs and bars. Depending on where you are in the world, opportunities in manual labour are also normally aplenty. In New Zealand and Australia for example, seasonal fruit picking is always readily
available for those seeking quick money.

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