Deemed as the one of the primary focus of the ’10 new Bali’s’ project, Lombok has been introduced to the world that only knew of Bali – the established world tourism hub in Indonesia.  The surge of eco-friendly and sustainable development in Lombok Indonesia is what makes this uncharted natural gem the next holiday destination for the masses. Posh hotels, swanky eateries and boutiques are sprouting along the islands, creating a mass influx of tourists. But that is not all! The modern travellers seek more than just urban wonders; the natural and unfiltered beauty of Lombok attracts travellers of all ages from around the world and it is clear to see why. Read on to find out what we mean…

Lombok – A Special Economic Zone

Starting with the South region of Lombok, the Mandalika project has been granted the Special Economic Zone (SEZ) status. This project is part of the government’s ’10 new Bali’s’ initiative to boost tourism, sustainable development and growth in the region that will give back to the local communities and help eradicate poverty in the form of increased investment opportunities that will pave way for unprecedented development.  Great investment and property options, luxury hotel rooms such as the Pullman and increased options for tourists to come and relax, the main focus would be to preserve the natural state of the island, unlike that of Bali. Eco-friendly solar-farms, tech-savvy greenhouses and an overall effort to render as less damage to the lush region as possible, Lombok is set to become even more stunning! Tourists will be able to enjoy richly-sourced local delicacies with organic flavours and ingredients as these environmentally friendly technologies will equip the resort to grow food more efficiently and source to the restaurants. The locals in the Lombok island value heritage, culture and tradition, so be prepared to be welcomed by friendly-arms that will thrive even more under these projects! Oh, and you will be missing out the true flavour of the island if you fail to visit the Banyumulek Village that will truly give you a glimpse of the Local Sasak people and their charming village! 

Getting to Lombok will now be even easier from all around the world! The International airport that recently opened in 2011 resulted in an annual 200% increase in tourists and visitors! Even better news for our international travellers is the inauguration of the newest AirAsia hub in Lombok in 2019! Now travellers can take direct international connections to connect with domestic destinations to the island too! 

Moto Grand Prix fans rejoice! 

Indonesia has the biggest MotoGP fan base in the world with over 86% of the population owning bikes and this has been rewarded with the news of the Moto Grand Prix 2021 to be hosted in Lombok-making it one of the biggest and most awesome events to be held here! The plans include a 4.32km, 19-corner racing circuit on roads that will raise the level of infrastructure in Lombok, eventually benefiting the general public too.

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