Sweden is a charming country without a doubt. Located on the Scandinavian Peninsula in northern Europe, Sweden is blessed by nature abundantly. From rich history and stunning cities to majestic palaces, extraordinary museums, immaculate lakes, lush green forests, vast archipelagos and an incredible food scene, Sweden has them all. You will not be bored in this incredible country and more interestingly you will be able to tick off a lot on your bucket list while you are here. Finding it difficult to decide on what to do? Here are the top 10 things to do in Sweden to make the most of your vacation.

Top 10 Things to do in Sweden

Feel the magic at Drottningholm Palace

A visit to Sweden is not complete without a visit to the magical Drottningholm Palace. Nestled on the Lovo island about 11 km west of the capital city of Stockholm, the palace is declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The palace dates back to the 17th century and is home to the Swedish Royals. You can explore the entire palace except for the southern wing. Check out the Chinese Pavilion and appreciate the bronze sculptures from Denmark and Bohemia in the terraced park. Don’t forget to also visit the Theatre Museum where stage costumes are on display. You can also take a guided tour in English if you prefer. You might even spot the King and the Queen strolling if you are lucky.

Visit Vasa Museum

Vasa Museum is a spectacular museum in Stockholm that is definitely worth a visit. The highlight of the museum is Vasa, a perfectly preserved 64-gun warship that has sunk in 1628. You can spend an entire day at the museum exploring its exhibits including four more ships and guided tours are available if you need them. If you feel like grabbing a snack, there is a restaurant on the museum premises.

Have fun at Liseberg Theme Park

Liseberg Theme Park located in the heart of Gothenburg is a world-class attraction in Sweden. Whether you are a kid or an adult you will love the whole experience here. From carousels and bumper cars to exciting roller coasters and horror houses this amusement park will not disappoint you. Don’t forget to hop on the Ferris Wheel to enjoy breath-taking views of the beautiful city of Gothenburg.

Make a visit to the picturesque town of Visby

Located on the island of Gotland, Visby is a magnificent town featuring timber buildings belonging to the 17-18 centuries, ancient churches, gables, cobbled streets and walls. Renowned as the ‘Pearl of the Baltic’, Visby is declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Make sure to witness the 700-year-old walls and you can either take a guided or a self-guided tour through the town.

Take a Gota Canal Boat Tour

This is an exciting thing to do in Sweden. Gota Canal stretches for 190 km connecting the lakes Vanern, Vattern and Trollhatte canal starting from Sjotorp to Soderkoping on the Baltic Sea. You can either hire a boat or a cruise vessel to tour the canal.

Book a stay at the Ice Hotel

An Ice Hotel? You’ve heard me right. Located in Jukkasjarvi this extraordinary hotel is completely made of ice from the River Torne. An overnight stay at the Ice Hotel will truly give you a unique experience. Can you believe that beds and glasses in the bar are made of ice too? Yes, and they even let you choose rooms, including suites! Don’t worry, you’ll be given thermal clothing and you’ll be lent boots and gloves. If you get a chance, join an ice sculpting class.

Enjoy the Northern Lights

If you have been dreaming of witnessing the Northern Lights, here’s your chance. Lapland, the northernmost province of Sweden bordering Finland and Norway is an excellent location to catch up with the Northern Lights. You’ve got to witness this at least once in your lifetime. So, don’t miss your chance. Other than catching up with the Northern Lights, you can go fishing, skiing and hiking too.

Northern Lights Sweden

Northern Lights, Sweden

Go on the King’s Trail to admire nature

There is no better way to appreciate nature than taking a hike. If you are the adventurous kind and a good one at that then the King’s trail is for you. A bit of a strenuous hike, the King’s Trail or popularly known as the Kungsleden Trail is a 425 km hike passing stunning valleys, lakes and mountains. Don’t panic. Even though it may take about 18 days to complete the hike, you can always take a shorter route. Along the way, you will find cabins where you can rest and even sleep. If you are up for the challenge, tie up your shoes and get ready for a super-duper hike.

Stroll through Gamla Stan

Stockholm’s old town Gamla Stan will take your breath away. You cannot come to Sweden and miss this picture-perfect old town in the capital city. Take a stroll through the town appreciating its architectural buildings, lanes and streets including Stortorget. The Scandinavian-styled buildings are painted on a regular basis to preserve their original condition. Don’t miss visiting the Royal Coin Cabinet, the Nobel Museum and the Post Museum in the neighbourhood too. You will also come across a range of cafes, restaurants and shops in this area to satisfy your cravings.

Take a Boat Tour to explore Sweden’s archipelago

Unarguably Sweden is blessed by nature. Over 30,000 small islands form the largest archipelago towards the east of Stockholm and there is so much to explore from pristine beaches to cliffs and woodlands. The best way to do so is to take a boat tour. Pick at least a 2.5-hour boat tour to explore the islands and you’ll love it without a doubt. Some tours offer lunch or dinner too. The tours also let you get on and off the boat to enjoy the surroundings while on tour.

Sweden is a country to admire. With its marvellous palaces, vibrant towns, top-class museums and amazing theme parks, Sweden will amaze you and inspire you more than you think it will. Don’t forget to also try Sweden’s culinary delights including their delicious authentic meatballs! You will surely have the best time of your life in Sweden. So, pack your bags and get ready for an adventurous stay in Sweden.




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