Victoria, Australia is a city that never goes to sleep with so many activities to do. The city gets busier in October with hundreds of tourists flying in to be part of the many events held there. Besides the many horse racing events held annually, there is so much to explore in the city in October which is why you need to book flights and hotels as early as now to not miss out. If you are looking to tour Victoria, here is a handy travel guide of the things to do in Victoria in October.

Salmon run and Eagle watching

If you are an outdoor enthusiast, then lucky you as October is the month to experience the annual Salmon Run held at the Goldstream Provincial Park. The Salmon Run sees so many fish return to the Goldstream Park to lay eggs and it is this that attracts draws hundreds of the bald eagles. The view of the eagles spreading their wide and strong wings and gliding over the Goldstream Park. Book the Salmon Run Tour with a guided walk of the Goldstream Park as part of this package. If you like, you can also go for a drive to get the incredible views of the Finlayson Arm which is a fantastic spot to take photos.

Bendigo cup 2020

The Bendigo Cup, held at the Bendigo Racecourse in Queensland annually in a Group 3 a must-attend race for everyone looking to be part of great race experience in the country. The race sees 2400m of pure thrills, excitement and an adrenaline rush like no other as jockeys and their horses battle it out on the course for the top spot.

The event attracts the best of horses and locals with a lot of entertainment and fashion going around making it the perfect time to visit Victoria. This year, it will be held on October 28 and makes it a perfect time to tour Victoria Australia. Consider getting a Bendigo form guide to the event and be sure to have a delightful experience if not the best time of your life.

Belfry Theatre

The iconic Belfry theatre is a source of pride and joy for the locals of Fernwood in Victoria and an elegant landmark as well. There are a dozen exquisite shows every year well prepared by professionals in the theatre company. The shows feature people of all ages and there is always something for everyone. While in Victoria, it is wise to buy tickets to the belfry theatre with the shows spread out through the month.

The full moon zipline tour | Victoria

As much as ziplining is always exhilarating, the feeling is best explored in Victoria during the full moon zip line tour. October sees a new kind of zip lining adventure in Australia with the tour beginning after sunset and continues into nightfall. The thrill and excitement that comes with whizzing above trees and the wonderful flora beneath at night cannot be explained by word, and one to only be experienced. As you enjoy the exquisite cuisines and cocktail in Victoria and the hospitality of the locals, do not miss out on this great outdoor adventure with an amazing view of the full moon while being closer to it from up there.


With perfect timing, you can catch the Oktoberfest that begins the month of October in Victoria with lots of life and colour and to spice things up, it is free of charge. Fun and adventure are expensive these days but Victoria is generous enough to offer it free of charge and in the best way possible. You kids will get to partake obstacle courses, enjoy craft and costume contests while you spoil yourself to an array of traditional foods, beer, and cider as living mellow music plays in the background.

Victoria is a must-visit destination for anyone looking to feed their appetite for fun and adventure with so many things to do and the Bendigo Cup as the highlight in October making it the best time to visit Victoria.

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