Gambling is one of the major attractions when out on a cruise. Cruise ships, thus, often have the grandest casinos on-board. Although these aren’t generally a match for their land-based counterparts, they still offer phenomenal amounts of excitement nonetheless. Casinos aboard cruise ships often offer complimentary classes to help amateurs learn the ropes before trying their hands at the table. Some of the larger cruise ships also hold tournaments periodically, further upping the ante.

While gambling in physical casinos is fun, the casino experience aboard a cruise ship is all the more enthralling. If you’d rather soak in the thrill from the comforts of your living room, here’s a list of new casino sites in the UK. If you’re more of a living-through-the-experience kind of person, here’s our list of the

Top 5 Best Casinos on Cruise Ships

  1. Royal Caribbean – Perhaps one of the most recognisable names among luxury cruise lines, Royal Caribbean’s ocean liners are often referred to as the Vegas of the High Seas, and for good measure! The Casino Royale offers 18,000 square feet of entertainment, including a wide range of activities and an equally elegant décor. Guests can find popular card games like poker, baccarat, blackjack, video slots, and a whole range of games across multiple difficulty levels.
  2. Celebrity Cruises – Although wholly owned by the Royal Caribbean Group, Celebrity Cruises maintains its distinct identity. Offering a whole lineup of video slot machines and a host of other table games, Celebrity Cruises boasts of one of the best on-board casino experiences. While the management can accommodate special requests, high rollers are invited to the Blue-Chip club after two-hours of daily gaming for a certain number of days on-board.
  3. Holland America Line – The Holland America Line operates a number of cruise liners with amateur-friendly casinos on-board. Although the casinos aren’t much of a novelty, the friendly dealers offer free lessons to the guests. The usual fare includes healthy amounts of poker, blackjack, baccarat, and roulette apart from video slots. Guests are automatically signed up for the on-board rewards program, Club 21, which offers a range of cashback and other bonuses.
  4. Carnival Cruise Line – Carnival has a casino aboard every liner they operate and the games range from Three Card Poker to Caribbean Stud Poker. The casinos occasionally host Texas Hold’em tournaments on special request, while players have the chance to win the progressive Megacash jackpot. The biggest payout ever on-board a Carnival Cruise Line casino is over $1 million, which is reason enough for guests to keep trying their luck.
  5. Norwegian Cruise Line – Perhaps offering one of the best on-board casino experiences, Norwegian’s fleet is decked with the best collection of games and entertainment to keep even veteran gamblers happy. The casinos feature over 2,800 video slots and over 200 table games for entertainment. As if that wasn’t enough, Norwegian Cruise Lines won a number of awards including Casino Player Magazine’s Best of Gaming award for twelve years in a row!
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