As we are now heading into Autumn, some of you might now be starting think about your plans for winter and whether you can afford to book yourself a holiday. With Christmas and New Year lingering in the midst of winter – it can be a very expensive time of the year to jet off abroad which can really take the excitement out of planning a little winter travel. Here are a few ways you can make your winter holiday budget go further…

Alternative Transport

If you really want to be financially savvy about your travels, then you should consider alternative transport for your winter getaway. Unfortunately, around Christmas and New Year, flight prices sky rocket and can make a seemingly affordable trip away incredibly expensive. If you have time to spare and are in no rush to reach your destination, try booking yourself onto a coach or train – they are considerably more affordable and you can see much more from the ground than you can from those tiny airplane windows with the clouds obstructing your view.

Smaller Airports

If flying is your only option, then look into flights from smaller, quieter airports to fly to and from. Your standard flight from Gatwick airport can become financially unbearable over the winter period due to its popularity, so opt for somewhere quieter where the prices are more friendly to your wallet.

Watch out for deals

This goes for all holidays but more so during the winter season. It pays (literally) to shop around – what you found so far might seem like a good price, but you can bet that there is always something cheaper out there. If you don’t look for the deals, you might miss out on saving yourself from a lot of financial stress. Many companies introduce winter deals on specific locations and holiday bundles, so be sure to look out for those too. Tip: remember to delete cookies from your computer, when websites see that you are looking to book a holiday they are rumoured to raise their prices.

Pick the right accommodation

Just like everything else in the travel industry during winter, the prices on rooms and accommodation tend to rise. Many of you might be thinking that hostels are your only option of keeping your winter holiday cheap. But before you start looking at those, look into other options. Large group holidays will benefit more from renting out a villa or apartment – between you, it is typically cheaper and more comfortable for you all than staying in a hostel. Again, look out for any winter deals that hotels and B&B’s might be offering during the winter period.

Be savvy with luggage:
Even if you’ve been fortunate enough to grab a cheap ticket to your winter holiday destination, adding the checked luggage option will undoubtedly boost up the price. You should try to avoid purchasing luggage and try to rely just on hand luggage which can easily be done if you’re only planning a short trip or weekend getaway. Just be sure to have your packing technique perfected and your mini toiletries stored in a clear plastic bag for security purposes.


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