Travel safety tips | Travelling with safety is one of the major concerns of an anxious traveller. Let’s be honest, prevention is better than cure. Travelling to a new place is like an enjoyable rollercoaster ride, but if you don’t take the proper safety measures at the right time, your ride can turn into a nightmare in no time. 

From common pickpocketing and purse snatching crimes to more severe ones, there is always news of someone taking advantage of an innocent traveller. So if you want to avoid tackling such crimes and enjoy your vacations peacefully, you might want to keep reading. 

This article will guide you through all the tips and tricks you need to ensure your safety while travelling. So without further ado, let’s get started!

Travel Safety Tips You Need To Follow Before Your Trip

If you haven’t started your adventurous journey yet, we have listed some of the essential travel safety tips you should follow to have a safe journey ahead.

Research For Everything You Must Know About Your Destination

We all fasten seatbelts before we drive, right? Similarly, you must research before taking the plane to travel to your destination. Ensure that you have everything in your mind. Some of the common questions you must know the answers to are related to the scams common in the country you are about to visit and what are the common safety risks. 

You should know which neighbourhoods are safe to visit in the country you are visiting to and which ones should be avoided. Researching is never enough, but it can make you feel more confident and comfortable when you land at your destination. 

An easy way to conduct your research is by simply typing on Google, “[Name Of Your Destination] Common Scams” or you can also search for, “Is [Name Of Your Destination] Safe?”

Keep Your Legal Documents Scanned On Your Phone

One of the best things you can do for yourself before going on a journey is scan your driver’s license, passport and all the other legal documents that you think are important. In any case of theft, while you are travelling or just bad luck, you would at least have a scanned copy of everything on your phone. 

If you have lost a document like your passport, you would need an immediate replacement for that, and that is much easier when you have some sort of identification that you can provide. You should get a printed hard copy of your driver’s license and passport while storing the original documents separately. 

Lastly, ensure that you have uploaded the documents to a secure location like Google Drive or Dropbox. You can also share your legal documents with a trusted friend or one of your family members.

Get Yourself Reliable Travel Insurance

If you really want to travel with safety, getting yourself premium travel insurance is ideal. Though it seems like an extra cost to your trip, having travel insurance can come in handy, especially in case of a medical emergency or theft, which is common while travelling.

Travel insurance can even cover the cost of your trip if you cancel it, or end it early for a valid reason. Some travel insurance companies have variants in their plans. So, ensure you know the details about the plan you are opting and paying for. 

Travel Safety Tips You Need To Follow During Your Trip

Now that we are done with the pre-safety measures, it’s essential to know a little about the tips and tricks you must follow during your journey.

Safety Measures To Take At A Hotel 

When you are staying at a hotel during your trip, there are a few things that you must consider doing while you stay at the accommodation. If possible, try to get yourself a hotel that offers unmarked “swipe cards” to visitors rather than numbered keys for each room. 

Why is it important? This is important because if your card gets stolen. The theft would have the card but wouldn’t know which room to rob. You should also look out for stairwells, fire escapes, emergency exits and plans, just in case. 

Furthermore, always lock your door when retiring for the night. Lastly, when meeting with your business associates, ask them to stay in the hotel lobby instead of bringing them to your room.

Don’t Wear Flashy Jewellery & Drink Reasonably

While exploring places at your travel destination, ensure that you don’t wear flashy jewellery. Wearing expensive, flashy jewellery is like asking a thief to rob you. So, ensure you don’t have any valuable jewellery on you when you are out, especially in a crowded place. Leave your valuables somewhere safe.

Furthermore, you must also ensure that you know the number of drinks you are consuming. Drinking reasonably is crucial for a traveller because you don’t want to end up in a dangerous neighbourhood. So, make sure that you drink responsibly while enjoying the nightlife of your travelling location.

Use The Right Bags & Reputable Transportation Companies

When you are out, remember to have suitable bags with you. It’s better to have a crossbody bag than a hand or shoulder bag as it prevents robbers from taking your valuables. You will find a variety of different bags that are designed specifically for travellers. 

Most traveller bags have features like RFID blockers, slash-proof straps and locking zippers. So make sure you invest in a suitable bag with all the features you want from it. The next thing you would like to do is travel with reliable taxi companies. 

Do a little research on the reputable taxis at your location before booking. And be sure to double-check if it’s the right car before hopping in.

Travel Safety Tips Conclusion

Now that you are fully armed with the essential tips and tricks for travelling safely, feel free to go and explore as much as possible. Just ensure you follow all the tips we have discussed here to avoid all sorts of potential mishaps. Stay safe and happy travels 🙂

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