Afraid that you will have a hard time with your baby while travelling? Stop worrying mamas and papas! Whether you are travelling long distance, short distance, by land or air, these tried and tested tips are going to come in handy. This article covers all tips for travelling with a baby, be that road tripping or flying…¬†

Tips for Road Tripping with a Baby

Try shorter routes

This is the very first step in managing your newborn or toddler and getting them used to travelling. First things first. Get your baby a good car seat and start small. Take your baby on shorter routes to let him or her feel comfortable in the car seat. Trust me, it takes a little while for some babies, while others will adapt quickly. Gradually increase the length of the route and they will get used to travelling and start loving it.

Buy a baby carrier

It is always easier with a baby carrier. However, it is important to buy one that fits you properly. Your hands will be free while walking and the baby is comfortable too.

Reduce carrying an overload of things

You become stressed when you have to carry an overload of things, especially when travelling with a kid. So from diapers to strollers and toys pack only what you need. Keep a track of things you never used on the previous trips and avoid taking those on the trips that you are going to in the future. This will reduce a lot of stress and save a lot of time than you think.

Tips for Flying with a Baby

Flying with a baby is not an easy task. Here are some helpful tips to make flying a lot easier with your baby…

Travelling with a baby | Plan ahead

Planning is an essential part of any trip. As much as you plan on the destination you are travelling it is important that you plan and organise your things to avoid any hassle, especially baby stuff. Prepare a checklist including all the things you need to pack and check it twice before you leave for the airport. Nothing can go wrong if you plan and execute well.

Book direct flights

As much as possible book direct flights if you are travelling with a baby. Landing puts pressure on the baby’s ears and that’s what most likely makes babies cry during the flight. But, if it’s hard to book a direct flight and you have to go with the transit option, pick a flight with a longer transit which gives you enough time to do what you got to do with the baby.

Get to the airport early

You don’t want to miss any flights. So get to the airport at least 3-4 hours early for an international flight and at least 2 hours early for a domestic flight. Earlier the better, so you have ample time to check in with all the luggage.

Make a pre-plane bathroom visit

Making a pre-plane bathroom visit avoids all sorts of baby diaper problems. So before you board the plane use the airplane restroom to quickly change the dirty diaper. Even if it is a toddler this will be like a potty break before boarding the plane. It is always best this way. If you are to take your baby to the not so spacious lavatory inside the plane it will be a hassle and very irritating for the baby as well. As it is not safe to go back and forth to your seat make sure you make a visit to the restroom.

Dress comfortably

Think of comfortable clothes when you think of flying with your baby. If you are not comfortable you get agitated, especially on a long flight. If you are a breastfeeding mom, wearing layers will make your job a lot easier than you think.

Give the baby a pacifier or feed the baby

During takeoff and landing due to changes in air pressure your baby might be uncomfortable and start crying. To help and comfort your baby, feed your baby or give your baby a pacifier during takeoff and landing. Chewing or sucking eases the pressure on baby’s ears.

Pack baby medication

Take all the necessary baby medicine and keep them in a bag easily accessible during your flight, ideally in a diaper bag. Keep in mind not to remove the original packing of the medication so that they are easily recognisable and to keep the prescription in the same bag.

Keep the baby occupied

During the flight keeping the baby occupied will give you some time to breathe. Pack some toys and books the baby loves and allow them to enjoy the flight too. If you really want to distract a toddler, a little bit of screen time will likely help.

Be informed of emergency features

It is always safe to know emergency features of the flight. Be informed where your baby life vests and oxygen masks are kept as a precautionary measure. An extra oxygen mask is there for each row in case one doesn’t operate or to be used for a lap infant. If you aren’t clear about the instructions, don’t hesitate to ask a flight attendant for more information where exactly the infant vest and oxygen masks are.

Have extra clothes for the baby and you

Remember to pack some extra clothes for both the baby and you. For the baby, keep ready extra diapers so that you don’t have to go looking for any here and there. Have these extra clothes in a bag that is easily accessible to you.

Travelling with a baby is quite a big deal. But that shouldn’t stop you from going on that adventurous vacation you have been planning all along. That’s where these tips become helpful. What you have to keep in mind is that sometimes no matter what you try your baby will be fussy. So try to ignore the ones that stare at you when your baby screams and follow these simple tips to make your tour a memorable one.

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