For many of us, Australia and its countless wonders are at the top of our travel and tourism bucket list. The diversity in landscape has made this vast country famous far and wide. From bustling metropolitan cities, to the harsh outback, Australia has something to offer everyone. Especially those with a love for outdoor pursuits. One of the best examples of this would be Kalbarri. A picturesque coastal town, with more to do and see than you can shake a stick at! A perfect Australian escape for adventurers. Kalbarri may not be the most famous Australian town, but don’t let this fool you…

Read on to find out what makes Kalbarri a thrill-seekers playground.


The first activity on our list really takes advantage of the area Kalbarri is situated in. As the town is nestled at the mouth of the Murchison River, Kalbarri is a prime position for coastal activities. Canoeing being one of the most popular.

Dramatic cliffs, rocky outcrops and rolling hills make for spectacular scenery as you glide down the river. As you feel the baking sunshine warming your back when you paddle forward, a relaxed and serene tour of the local area takes place. The glassy waters help to keep you cool, though the views may distract you from the heat entirely!

No previous canoeing experience is required, so if you’re a novice itching to get your start, no problem! All tours are designed to be accessible for all. Small periods of hiking and paddling in the river also give the opportunity to cool off, along with giving an up-close-and-personal experience with the unique nature. Fragrant wildflowers and loud calling birds give the location a feeling of paradise. A true travel and tourism gem!Kalbarri Canoe

Skywalk Stargazing Tour

Next on the list is quite a unique one, that definitely should not be missed. The Kalbarri Skywalk is a viewing platform, and one of the towns newest attractions. A hike through authentic Australian wilderness will bring you to the Skywalk.

Sitting high above the gorges below, the Skywalk offers unimpeded views of the surrounding landscape. One of the best travel and tourism spots in the area. From up here, watch the River Murchison you’ve just been on, lazily flow around the undulating mounds and steep crags. Grab a cuppa from the nearby Skywalk kiosk and soak in the chilled vibes. This would be an ideal moment for a photo opportunity. Though visiting here in the day is truly enchanting, at night, you’ll be blown away.

The comparative remoteness Kalbarri boasts means light pollution is virtually non-existent here. Because of this, the dark night sky in the wilderness is pristine. The awe-inspiring view allows you to embrace our cosmos, as if we could reach out and touch it. You can even see the hazy glow of the Milky Way! Guides will point out important constellations. See which ones you can spot! While out there, you may see some wildlife wandering around too. This tour is ideal for both those with a serious love for astronomy, and those who are easy-going nature lovers. Just make sure you wrap up warm, and bring some water!skywalk platform

Photography Hikes

Kalbarri is one of the most naturally beautiful towns, arguably, in the world. So it is not surprising to find photography travel and tourism are popular here. After all, who wouldn’t want to capture their moment here to keep forever?

Various different tours run throughout the day, all focusing on different places, times, and techniques. First in the day is the morning coffee session, all about learning the basics of using a camera. After you’ve mastered these basics, the next two slots are all about shooting the landscape around the coast. Spots such as Red Bluff, Pot Alley, or Blue Holes mean spectacular photos are guaranteed. The crashing water and steep cliffs make for a gorgeous scenic view. Plus, one of the best commercial and landscape photographers will be showing you the ropes the whole time. Just to make sure you get the most perfect shots!

Later in the day, the subject for the photography shifts inland. A hike to the river gorges and wilderness mean more rustic, less idealised photos can be taken. Exposing the imposing terrain here is perhaps even more impressive, adding emotion to your photography. Window Look-Out and Z-Bend are some of the highlighted natural beauties here. With this activity, you not only get an adventure, but get mementos to mark your time in Kalbarri. You’d be crazy to miss this!Kalbarri


If beaches in Australia are synonymous with one thing, its surfing. People travel far and wide for surfing travel and tourism. In this regard, Kalbarri certainly doesn’t fall short.

Dotted around the coast surrounding the town, various beaches play host to many sun-worshippers and water sports lovers. Most of these offer prime surfing waves, mostly for beginners. However, none of these match the waves at Jakes Point. The higher elevation here makes for a great bandstand to watch the wave riders. Mammoth waves are not uncommon here, with Jake’s Point being granted a Surf Reserve title. Lower down the beach, less intense and more sheltered waves allow for newcomers to get a feel for the surfboard. Meanwhile, professionals can take full advantage of the energetic 10ft waves here. Kalbarri Surf Shop is nearby, taking care of any surfing needs you may have. But sporting on this beach is just half the fun.

Dependant on weather and the season, the waters around Kalbarri are home to very special marine life. Watch the waves for long enough, and you may notice dolphins playing around in the surf. These happy creatures are common in the area, so there’s a good chance of you spotting them if you’re lucky! Majestic humpback whales have also been known to make their presence known. Though these gentle giants do prefer to be in deeper waters, they have been known to venture closer to land to put on a show for beach goers.ocean Kalbarri

Fishing and Boat Hire

Kalbarri is well-known for its abundant fishing opportunities. This is incredibly valuable for the fishing travel and tourism sector. Maybe the best way to do this, as well as have a little adventure, would be to hire a boat.

On the ocean or the river, various boat hiring companies provide Kalbarri with many fishing options. Most companies are first-come-first-served, so ensure you get there early enough to have a whole day on the water. Once you’ve chosen your boat and location, guides will show you how to operate the powerboat. This mean you’re in charge of your adventure, no one else. Because of this, you can explore the area in your own way. Unique plant and animal life is always somewhere close by, so keep an eye out for interesting critters. The guides may even offer some secrets on the best fishing and crabbing spots, as well as some stunning locations to take the boat to. If you’re up for an exciting activity, along with fishing, this may be just for you.

Not only does this allow you to get to know Kalbarri better, but it allows you to get to know the local way of life. Fishing is integral in this part of Australia, so doing some for yourself will get you into the local spirit!Fishing Kalbarri

Kids in Kalbarri

Adventure travel and tourism often excludes the little ones. The activities can be too extreme or unsuited, or are simply just uncatered for. But in Kalbarri, there’s a plethora of things the little tykes can get up to…

Every morning at 8:45, a unique attraction for the whole family takes place. Pelican feeding! Across from the Murchison Caravan Park on the Kalbarri foreshore, these massive flyers come to feast on the locals fish. Volunteers provide free fish for visitors to feed the pelicans, with children being welcomed to join in the fun. Donations are encouraged, just to cover the cost of the fish. Though there’s no guarantee the pelicans will show up everyday of the year, they certainly rarely miss their morning meal.

Rainbow jungle is another ideal stop for families with kids. It is Australia’s most beautiful parrot habitat, with the largest purple-crowned lorikeet flock in the world! As the birds fly overhead, gorgeous inside gardens create a wonderful interactive environment for children. The Jungle also has a maze to find your way through, which any child will jump at the chance to try. The on-site café and picnic area provide yummy snacks and lunches, so no need to worry about bringing along food.

Kalbarri Mini and Putt Putt Golf would be an ideal family day-out also! Exciting and unique fun is provided here, with challenging courses for all ages. Golfers and novices alike can find something to enjoy here, the ingenious courses have been tailored for everyone. They also have various other amusements to get stuck into, so the tots have plenty to keep them busy. The café has nibbles and snacks, along with plenty of tea and coffee. Stay refuelled while you’re having fun!Kalbarri parrots

Why Not Visit This Travel and Tourism Hub?

When you think about the sheer amount this small coastal outpost has to offer, the question transitions from “Why visit?” to “Why not!?”. Whether you enjoy the serene adventures into tranquil lands, or extreme-style adventure, Kalbarri can provide. This pocket of Australian beauty is not just a feast for the senses, but a microcosm for the whole country. It represents the freedom and adventure Australia gives, along with the rustic beauty the nation is so known for. Visit here, and you’ll begin to understand Australia and its people as a whole.

So for an unforgettable adventure, get stuck-in and visit Kalbarri!

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